Wholesale Drop Ship – Jumpstart Your Wholesale Business Online With Video Games

You have probably heard about wholesale drop shipping online. It is better than having a little shop in an expensive part of the town. You can earn more money online.

Tired of going to your shop everyday and just waiting for customers to come in? These are usual woes of storeowners with all the expenses hiking up and the high cost of renting a shop, this will only leave you a minimal profit that can sustain your family.

More and more people are taking advantage of the net. They do their banking, shopping, and work online. A lot of entrepreneurs, small or big, are taking advantage of this opportunity. They all started joining the bandwagon and starts selling their wares on the cyber world. Selling items online is great idea. There will be no need for leasing an expensive space to put up your shop. You will just need a good computer and a fast internet connection.

A profitable item that you can sell online is video games. They are easy to sell and are very popular to a large group of customers. The market for video games is quite large. The whole world is full gamers that always look for the newest game for sale. There are a lot of kids and even adults who are addicted to video games. There different kinds of games out there like PSP, Wii, Xbox360, and Nintendo DS. All these games also come with different accessories that you can sell. This will further provide you with profits that you are only dreaming of.

There are a lot of wholesale drop shippers of video games that you can select from. You can locate them on the net. Try selecting a few and contact them immediately. Make a deal with them to have your orders delivered directly to the customers.

By having the items drop shipped right to your customers will mean lesser cash investments for you. With lesser items to store, it can also mean you do not have to do any inventory. These will give you more time to deal with customers. It is important to make sure that your customers have received the item in good condition. Delivery on time is must. Your customers will surely be happy with great customer service and speedy delivery of there items. Happy customers will surely come back for more. More sales will mean more profits for you.

5 Benefits Of Using YouTube For Video Hosting

In 2005, the biggest video sharing website of the world was born. It was named YouTube by its creators. Soon, it was purchased by the search engine giant Google for around 1.6b dollars. On this platform, you can share your videos with the whole world easily. Millions of people will watch your videos from across the globe. Given below are a few benefits of hosting your videos on YouTube. Read on to know more.

Vast Audiences From Across The Globe

The success of a business is based on its visibility. For visibility, you don’t have any option that is better than YouTube. Once you have uploaded your videos choosing the right category and place, you are good to go. If your video is liked by tons of people, it may go viral. Once it goes viral, it will get tremendous amount of viewers in a short period of time. So, the website has a huge audience.

Cost of Hosting

If you want to host your personal or business videos on a paid hosting service, the cost will be very high. On the other hand, if you choose YouTube to host your videos on, the cost will be zero. You don’t have to spend any money on the operational aspect of your channel on YouTube. The site management will take care of everything. All you need to do is upload and publish your original videos.

Ease of Use

If you opt for paid hosting, you will have to spend a lot of time buying domain names, choosing web hosts and setting up your website. But with YouTube, you have an easy path to walk on. Everything is already set up, so you just need to create an account and that is it. By following some basic steps, you can upload your videos as fast as your connection allows. So, YouTube is a lot easier to use.

Web Traffic

Your videos will be of no use if they don’t get watched by anyone. In case of your own website, you will have to take the necessary steps in order to bring visitors. On the other hand, if you upload them on YouTube, the visitors will come to your channel on your own. Since the platform is owned by Google, the videos will be indexed in its database automatically.

Bandwidth and sustainability

Since YouTube has dedicated servers, you don’t have to worry about the bandwidth and space. You can post as many videos as you can. The unlimited bandwidth will allow millions of viewers to watch your videos at the same time. In case of paid hosting, if you have not signed up for unlimited bandwidth and your videos go viral, the server may end up crashing and your viewers won’t be able to watch any of your videos. In case of YouTube, this is no problem.

So, if you have been looking at a paid hosting service to upload your business or personal videos, we suggest that you try out YouTube first. I bet you won’t regret your decision.

How to Use Video Marketing For Fitness Business Success

Video marketing is a natural tool for growing your fitness business. Most trainers enjoy showing exercise or talking about it much more than they do conducting a sales consultation. If you want to get more paying fitness clients, you want video. In any advertising or marketing efforts images stand out before copy. If your amazing headline captures someone’s attention first, your image is going to be a close second. Place a video beside a static photo and the video wins.

In a world of instant gratification if you can give a prospective customer a piece of what they’ll be getting when they become a client you’ll edge out your competition, providing you do it right. As a fitness marketing coach the mistakes I see in use of video are common. The focus of this article is taking doing video, to doing it right.

Mistake #1. Not doing it at all.

If you’re not doing video marketing. Start. You’re going to make mistakes but you can start developing the habit and systems for regularly shooting videos and posting them. From that point you can start focusing on getting better results. Any less than desirable attempts can still be salvaged.

Mistake #2. Starting without an objective.

When you contemplate writing a big fat check for a radio or print ad you think hard about what you want the ad to do and what action you want the prospective customer to do once they’ve been exposed. Your free video marketing strategy should be no difference. After viewing do you want the customer to register for a bootcamp, a complimentary session and how should they reach you? Should they call you, click on your active link, or what action do you want them to take?

Mistake #3. Turning on the camera without a script.

To make a video that’s conversational and friendly, casual and compelling, you have to know exactly what you are going to say. That starts at the drawing board. If you have resolved the second mistake and you have an objective, then your script should lead the customer to wanting to do just that. That is not going to happen by accident. Like making a sale, certain steps have to come in advance of asking a customer who doesn’t know you until watching you the first time to take action. What happens in a sale? You discover the problem, right? So in your video you are first going to talk about the problem, before you provide a solution. You need to give them something of value before you ask or in exchange of what you’ve asked. Give them the tip they can use right now. Offer the “free gift” for entering their email or calling.

Mistake #4. Thinking in one dimension.

If you’re only thinking about slapping a video up so you can pat yourself on the back for doing video without thinking what has to happen next, you’re wasting time. If you don’t have an annotation in your video which provides a live link so they get to your home page or registration page the video will not get conversion. If you don’t include a phone number with a live person answering and responding you will put another obstacle between I’m interested and I want to pay you.

Mistake #5. Using one video version for every display.

If you are talking to people not already involved in your club or programs you have to build a relationship with them. If you are talking to people already members but not personal training they need another message. If you’re talking to prior or current personal training clients about what’s next or upgrading that’s a different conversation. What you put on your Facebook page for personal training clients should have a different purpose than the video you put on YouTube to attract people who are doing a Google search for fitness options.

Mistake #6. Creating a lame title that will never be seen.

Your goal is to get shown as the number one video in the search for your topic. Consider how many times you click on a video, article or blog that is on the second page of search results. Even if you’re the seventh or eight listed, the chance of you ever being clicked on is so small it isn’t worth your time. Get help with copy writing so that you are findable. Study the top ranking videos and take notes. Seek a fitness marketing expert. Don’t miss this step or the ones that have come before it don’t matter.

You can make your marketing come alive with video done right.

Resort Marketing With Online Video Increases Visitors?

Resort marketing in the traditional sense has worked great for decades. Even the advent of the Internet didn’t pose much of a threat since you can’t replicate the relaxing and luxurious vacation resort experience online.

But with high bandwidth readily available to the most desired and affluent clientele, increasingly more resorts turn to media-rich experiences for promoting their properties online. At the top of the list of new technologies, web video helps to break down the barriers between people looking for a great vacation experience and the resorts that provide exactly that.

Reaching New People

Affluent families, the ones most desired by vacation resorts, are very selective when it comes to where they spend their time. While a nice vacation may not be strain on the budget, it is time spent away from their homes and businesses. They need to be sure that time will be spent having an exceptional experience.

Up until recently, the only way they could be assured of a top rate experience was to rely on the knowledge and feedback of people they trust. So they turn to friends and family for advice and likely travel to the same places since they have a reasonable expectation of having a good time.

This makes it even more difficult for a new or recently refurbished resort to compete since that resort would not have a large number of people to share their knowledge of your hospitality.

This is where video comes to the rescue.

By creating a video that documents the experience you provide at your resort, you help break down the barriers of fear and begin to build up a bridge of trust. Thanks to some well publicized instances in the news, people know that unscrupulous individuals can fake photos, enhance them, or even just shoot a single picture at an angle that is most flattering, carefully leaving out undesirable elements.

With video its much more difficult to fake the footage, plus there is an audio track. If you can hear a freeway near what is supposed to be a pristine getaway, that gets picked up and the person watching will know what to expect. But if a person looking at your resort video sees and hears only the sights and sounds of nature, that will reinforce the photos and descriptions you place in your other marketing materials.

Showing affluent families enjoying the guest rooms, the pool, the golf course, the spa and other amenities will clue in other affluent individuals who watch your video that this is the place for them.

Beating The Competition

There are a few resort owners and managers now bringing online videos to their web sites. They are setting themselves above and apart from other resorts by providing this more engaging experience. They’re targeting people who have not been to their resort previously, competing against the hundreds of other options for unique getaways.

And they’re going to win.

By embracing online video in their resort marketing, the early adopters recognize the inevitable continuing growth of online video. And by leading with video, they’re providing what will bring in first-time guests: an online media-rich experience that has them at the resort and enjoying themselves before they even step on the plane.

Resort owners and managers who choose not to dip a toe into online video set themselves up for a long slide into oblivion. Quality video is taking it’s place alongside quality photos in the importance of presenting the resort experience online. Get familiar with it and plan for it as part of your online marketing strategy.

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