Hiring An Interior Designer Is Not An Expense, But An Investment

Want to decorate your home or office? Looking for some out-of-the-box ideas to transform your space into something extraordinary that reflects your warmth and personality? If yes, so, you should hire an interior designer. Though, most of the people think that investing in an expert is an expense, which it is not. If you are also one of them, who have the same perspective, it’s time to break that myth. Scroll down and have a look at the points to understand it better.

• A Great Option For Busy People: Nowadays, we all are busy in our home or offices and no one has a whole day to work on the designing and decoration of the same. In this case, you should hire an expert, so, you’ll be less stressed and able to complete the work quicker than before.

• Help You Stay On Budget: A professional interior designer prepare a detailed plan for your home or office without breaking your stipulated budget. They know how to arrange everything in the best possible manner at the price that won’t cost you the fortune.

• Add “WOW” Factor: Interior Designers know how to make your room tell a story about your lifestyle or personality that helps them adds a “WOW” factor to the work that deserves applaud. They’ll shake off the possible boundaries and make the best use of available space without even breaking your bank or letting you down.

• Not Everyone’s Cup Of Tea: Decorating the home or office in an impressive way is not as easy as it sounds. It requires professional assistance and attention to every detail that not everyone can do. Therefore, hiring a knowledgeable interior designer, who is pro in their work, will save your time and money as well.

• Contacts: An interior designer has so many people are in contact with that helps you complete the furnishing of your home. It’ll make it easier for you to buy some more stuff in good quality and at the reasonable possible price.

• Work On Time: Hiring an expert gives you surety that your work gets done on time, as they don’t want to make a bad impression of their company.

Do you still think hiring an interior designer is an expense and not investment? No, so, what are you waiting for? Find out the best company or professional near you and hand over the work of revamping your available space to them.

Monica Patni,Freelance Website Designer, Freelance Website Developer, Internet Marketing


Hello, I’m a freelance Web & UI designer in Jaipur, India. I have 6+ Years of experience as a Web Designer, Web Developer and graphics designer. Good design is obvious, Great design is transparent. I passionately move pixels and lines of code to craft clean, responsive, and user-friendly websites.

I have built all kinds e.g. Static, Responsive, Web apps, Custom made WordPress design from the scratch including logo, graphics, banners, social media banners etc.

I can help convert your Adobe Photoshop design (PSD) into well-written SEO friendly XHTML/HTML5 and CSS3 code that’s clean, pixel perfect and meets current designstandards.

As a user interface designers, I need a little inspiration from time to time. This is what I have been doing since 2010. Started as a UI Designer, I quickly grew into a professional with many of respectful clients. What separates design from art is that design is meant to be functional.

The Good thing about websites is websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that. While designing I highly focus on layout, color, graphics, fonts, and SEO friendly Content so that website can rank easily in search engines. Please connect with me I am here to help you to grow your Business.

Who Should You Hire a Freelance Web Designer or Web Design/Development Company in India?

You Might ask this question to yourself, should I hire a freelance web designer or a web development and design company in India. This could be because of various reasons like lack of knowledge, budget constraints, and previous bad design hiring experience.

I will make easy for you, Hire a freelance web designer or ui designers if you want hassle free, No delay, Not getting fooled and wants to start your website design and development quickly. In most cases, companies struggle to get the right talent for stunning Web design. All web development companies hire mediocre designers and developers to work on more than 5 projects simultaneously to cut the cost and increase their profits.

Most of the web design companies work on the same methodology they claim to complete your project in a single day at the cheap rate. They treat every web design or development project as same and just use different templates and bad coding method.

With bad user friendliness and cheap design clients only not struggle to get business but also run behind these companies to fix problems.

You have to understand one thing that no businesses will pay from their pockets if they are giving same services at lower cost despite standard rates than you must be compromising with quality or running behind them to get your project completed ontime.

With Freelance web designer you can interact them individually you will get to know the person who works on your design personally.

How Much Do I Charge?

Frankly speaking, I am expensive than most of the freelance web designers and Design agencies in Surat. I am an expensive designer because I give personal attention to my client’s websites, 2x times more time than any other Freelance Web Designer agency and give 100% to deliver results in minimum time.

I work on a single project at a time so that I have full attention for each and every project.

There is no point hiring a cheap web designer if he fails to deliver a user-friendly website that will give you business in a long run and your all the money is wasted for nothing.

Why Should I Hire Freelance Web Designer in Surat, NCR Only?

It will be easy to communicate and meet if you hire a freelance web designer in Surat, noida, gurugram or faridabad if you are based in Surat/NCR (India). You can easily show your requirements and can get to know each other face 2 face rather than skype or phone.

Also being a freelance web designer I love to meet my clients to create business relationships.

Can We Meet and Discuss or Call You for Website Design Requirements

Yes, sure I am always open for Cofee…

If you nearby in Surat, Noida, Gurugram or anywhere in NCR. We can fix place over call a place which is Central to our location and discuss the project. If you are not near Surat/NCR then no problem we can do Face-to-Face meeting over Skype and discuss the project in details.


Slime Designer Shops: The Modern Lemonade Stands for Kids

We all passed by lemonade stands growing up, set up either in front of supermarkets, or malls, or around the corner from our homes. Kids were entrepreneurs-in-training while proud moms and dads were looking over their shoulders to see how they performed trying to make the sale. It was supposed to teach youngsters the valuable lessons for making a sale and earning a profit. Yeah, you are in business!

Although occasionally you’d still see the familiar stands, in our days kids are interested in more exotic lines of business, apps, computer games and… slimes, yes slimes! My 12-year-old has taken over an entire closet which she transformed into a storage vault with add-on shelves to store endless plastic containers of various sizes, all filled with all kinds of regular and other exotic colors of… slime. With these come supplies of “cotton candy” and numerous other artificial jewelry like emblems and stuff to imitate cactus, Boba drink balls, “crystal waters’, “pizza heart”, “cactus cereal”, “fruit salad”, even “Winnie the Pooh” or poopsie slime surprise unicorn, whatever! I am like speechless, I feel like I’ve been thrown inside a super slime simulator. Of course any respectful business would have the appropriate video de slime collection, hence her endless time of videotaping everything on the iPhone. Finished products are in plastic jars so deliciously looking that many times I found myself grabbing one of them from the kitchen counter to eat, only realizing the last minute this thing can really kill you if eaten!

I said “hey lill lady, what’s you doing with all these stuff”? In the beginning the answer was: “I am making them to give away to my friends”. OK, no big deal. But after a while, when I realized I am spending some bucks on the monthly basis for these stuff, I said “what’s up”? To which she replied: “Oh, I started a slime company, I am going into slime business”. I said, “ok, like how”? Well, wouldn’t you know, she had a… website already at this business outfit called Etsy (never heard of it). I said why not Amazon or Google? She said those cost money, Etsy is very-very cheap.

I said, ok lemme see your website. Boom: bit.ly/CosmaSlimes. I said wow, how old are you again? I said, Oceana, I am very impressed! You know, at your age, I didn’t even think they were computers out yet, or they were the size of this closet, but you, out of your lap top doing all this, impressive! I got a “duh” response. Before I even questioned her about her “traffic” and stuff, she says: “I have 3 sales already”. I am thinking – Get out! You mean I don’t have to spend all that money for your college? Yeah, I can finally buy that Ferrari! She says, not so fast dad, it’s only $27 something. Yeah, but pumpkin, if you can make 3 sales, you can make 30, then 3,000, then 3 million, the sky is the limit! Ok, you get the point. I already feel like the time I got reincarnated as a slime!

The important lesson from all this is that she is learning about business, marketing, marketing analytics, profits-loss, etc. On top of this, she is learning about how to optimize her website traffic, about coordinating activities that can direct traffic to her site. She learned that me writing this article will further direct traffic to her website as I am referencing her link here and throwing high traffic key words I picked up from Google Insights all over it.

I am thinking, what is the potential for this person to succeed in business? I emphasize to her it is all up to her, it all depends on the effort she puts in, the energy and enthusiasm, discipline and willingness to listen and learn and apply her learnings to her business. Some of these learnings will spill over to her everyday life and relationships.

In the end, one thing is for sure: you can learn a lot by learning how to make slime: learn about, success and failure, about family and life itself. Good luck little girl. Glad to see you really like lemonade as well.

Signed: Your dad – who loves you baby?

Why You Should Hire an Exhibition Designer for Your Next Trade Show Event

The visual aspect of your company’s marketing materials will make the biggest impact on your target audience. Everything from shape and structure, to colour, logo placement and taglines will make an impression – and you’ll want it to be a good one.

It’s no secret that, as consumers, if we receive an uninspiring flyer through our letterbox, we’re likely to throw it in the bin without as much as a second glance.

An exhibition stand is exactly the same. To spark interest, a display needs to be innovative, current and eye-catching, using the highest quality materials. These days, people have increasingly short attention spans, so if something doesn’t generate immediate interest then they’re likely to move on to the next thing without hesitation.

Most businesses understand full well the impact of visual marketing materials, but creating high quality design is often easier in theory than in practice. Perhaps you simply don’t have the right tools for the job? Without access to the latest software or a team of designers, it’s easy to get left behind, despite your best marketing efforts.

But there is little point attending these events if you don’t intend to make an impact. This is where the phrase ‘Go big or go home’ comes to mind. Competition between businesses of every sector is vast in the current climate – you won’t want new and upcoming entrepreneurs stealing your limelight with a more professional display.

Employing an experienced designer could be the solution your business needs to create a real buzz. There are hundreds of highly qualified designers out there with invaluable marketing and events expertise, and they are probably itching to get their hands on your company logo design and give it the refresh it needs.

Your upcoming trade show could be the excuse you’re been waiting for to revive your marketing materials and start gaining new custom. An experienced designer will work alongside you every step of the process to create something unique to represent your brand.

You may be anxious about the costs involved in hiring an exhibition designer, but there are many companies out there offering high-quality services with affordable price tags, specifically aimed at small businesses. Besides, they will be able to offer a range of services – from booth design to full event management – and you don’t need to go the whole hog.

If you do decide to employ someone to take care of the entire event process, you could end up saving yourself a whole load of time and company resources. An experienced events manager will take care of everything, from the design and build of your exhibition stand, to the logistics of the event, so you can carry on with the day to day running of your business.

Not only will an events manager oversee the design of your innovative, show-stopping booth or stand, they will also liaise with delivery teams and coordinators to ensure your display materials are delivered safely and on time – so all you’ll have to worry about is turning up and representing your brand.

What’s more, you’ll end up with a booth or stand that you can use for future events. Many of these designs will be versatile, so you can alter their size of structure to suit different marketing occasions. Some companies will even arrange storage for you until your next exhibition, saving you from having to seek out storage space and spend extra company resources.

Exhibition design companies can be found online, where you can browse their vast array of services and compare the best prices. For an accurate quote, it’s best to speak to an advisor directly by seeking out their customer service telephone number.

How Can Businesses Benefit From a Graphic Designer?

Some people think that since their business is not creative in nature, they do not need a graphic designer. However, they may not realize the benefits their business can get from hiring a professional and might be surprised with the reasons why they need one.

What does graphic design mean, and why is it necessary to hire a professional?

Graphic design is the form of art that communicates messages through visual content. These designers make use of images and text to solve visual problems. They visually communicate ideas to sell products or send out a brand message.

A professional can efficiently get the required graphic design work done. They have enough skills and years of experience to make a project come alive. They are also equipped with the right tools to ensure that the project is professionally done and meet the industry standard.

It will let the business save money in the long run. Though a business owner can try to do the project by himself, it will never be as fast and efficient as a professional designer.

What is the job of a graphic designer?

He/she can produce anything that tells a visual story or communicates a visual message. The description is quite vague since the field of graphic design is very diverse.

This type of professional can address numerous problems, ranging from small tasks to huge projects, including letting a website become more readable or modifying a logo to use on social media. Adding a creative mind to the team will enable business owners to see things in another light and even improve the way to do business.

The work of graphic designers can include the following but is not limited to:


He/she can come up with a unique business logo. A logo is one way for people to remember a business as well as to stand out from the rest. Though companies can try to design their own logo, they do not realize the impact given by a professionally designed logo. A trained professional knows how to create a design that appeals to a company’s target audience and which can be used in different forms of media such as business cards and clothing, among others.


Graphic designers can create a brand that will bring a company to life. This brand includes a company logo and so much more.

Business cards

A business card is one way to give a good first impression, which is critical in the busy market nowadays. A graphic designer is the best person to create the business card that complements the branding so that this would let the business leave a lasting impression.


If a company uses ordinary letterheads, note cards, envelopes and compliment slips, it is about time to make a switch. Stationery with the name of the company lets the business look more professional. The company should make sure, though, that when the brand leaves the office, it reflects what the business is all about.

Brochures and Booklets

These professionals can come up with the brochure/booklet required by the company in a professional way.

Posters and Flyers

Companies should invest in a professional to design their posters and flyers so that they can be sure to attract their target audience and catch their attention. It is plain to see that a poster that has been designed by an amateur does not relay the right message and its design is not retained in the memory of viewers – businesses should not allow this to happen.

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