Sherri Lynn, Singer From Olive Hill KY Get’s a Record Deal!

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Let me tell you a little bit about Sherri Lynn Rakes. Home Business, Entrepreneur a singer, She writes Songs, Poems, Short Stories and has been working on a Book since 1990. Sherri Lynn has been singing since age 5 and Her first gig was at a Wrestling match at half time. Her Father was a professional wrestler in the 70’s for WWF, His wrestling name was “The Booger Man.”

Over the years Sherri Lynn has performed many different places like; Schools, Churches, The Founders In, “700 Club Ball Room, Ryman Auditorium, Fundraisers, She even had a TV Show called “The Vision” in 1999.

Now She is being promoted By Michael & Shirley Caron with “Family Values Promotions” for Emerald Records the owner is Cliff Ayers.

and sharing Home Business Ideas that have helped Her over the years as she has been working full time on line since 2004 with affiliate programs and marketing as well as Promoting Her Music Business and CD she made.

See, She been singing since age five and had her own TV show in 1999, then when She had that first accident (in 2000) and got hurt Sherri Lynn had to quit singing for a while. It was very hard, singing is the one thing She loved a lot. Sherri Lynn says, “I found myself in a place where I felt I had no hope of ever doing it again” After She got better and was getting off the medications, another tragic accident happened, Sherri Lynn was in a bad car wreck.

A man ran a red light as She was in the middle of the intersection and he T-Boned her in the drivers door. It messed her lower back up and She was prescribed 13 different medications and the doctors said they could do nothing for Her. I kept praying and God gave me the answers I needed.

Now Sherri Lynn is not on any medications, was presented with the Record Deal of singing with Emerald Records and God just keeps blessing. She start singing on the road again next month. Sherri Lynn said, “I think God for the Opportunities He has given me and all the people who stood by me and Believed in me. So Please, no matter what you are going through, Don’t Give Up on Your Dreams, there is a way and His Name Is Jesus!”

Business Home Ideas [], is Sherri Lynn’s Home Business that she uses to give free Business info to help others run a successful Home Based Business as cheep as possible and to encourage others not to give up on there goals and dreams in Life. You will be hearing much more about Sherri Lynn soon, as she is already being booked for shows and will be singing in Indianapolis IN at the 500 Mini-Marathon coming up in May.

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