MLM Business – How to Earn $100,000 a Month Your 1st Year

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This may sound like an outlandish claim, but this is not the high end of what top producers in the network marketing industry are making. This is just a number based on what many of you aspiring top producers would like to make to feel very successful with your MLM business, and to feel comfortable with their future.

Last night I was blessed to meet with Mr. Mark Yarnell, a legendary figure in network marketing. He revealed to me how to earn $100,000 per year your first year in MLM, and within that conversation the “10 landmines to avoid” that will destroy your chances of doing so. Today we are going to cover what you have to do, or “How To Earn $100,000 A Month Your 1st Year” in your MLM home business.

Mark Yarnell, the source of these awesome MLM success secrets, has made more than $30 MILLION in this industry, so he has at least a leg or two to stand on. Think about a more contemporary top producer like Mr. Jeffery Combs, who has done single months in network marketing of over $400,000. It is absolutely doable.

Mark made an interesting comparison regarding income or performance claims. Say you went to play for a pro team as a new player, and you went through a sort of orientation process. Does the coach say to you, Hey you see that player on the bench? He’s never played in a single game, but he gets paid $200,000 per year. If you practice really hard maybe you can be as good as him one day.

Absolutely not! He’s going to say, see that player there? That’s Michael Jordan. He starts every game, scores X number of points, and makes $18 million per year. If you commit to practicing really hard maybe you can be better than him and make more money than him, one day.

Yet, in our industry regulators don’t want us to mention what it’s possible to make. Isn’t it crazy that FTC regulators want us to only talk to you about the 97% of people who never make more than $10 per week with their MLM business? What a sad thing to aspire to. I don’t know about you, but I was looking at the top producers to determine what was possible for me, when I set my personal goals for my MLM home business.

I’m focusing on MLM home business success, not failure. You should be as well.

So what do you need to do? As always, when I meet with the true professionals in this industry, they distill it down to simple steps that require some work & consistent action.

I. Ask yourself, “Would I recruit my mom into this company”?

  • Your core values have to match the company you’re getting into.
  • You need to believe in your opportunity 100%.
  • If your core values do not align with your vehicle, you WILL sabotage yourself before you get to the big money & success. It can not be just about the money.

II. You need to look at the size & potential of the market sector your company and products are in.

  • Are the products something a huge percentage of people use regularly, or does just a small percentage of people use them. Is it a small niche or massive market?
  • Your best potential lies with products that have a huge & growing market, products you would buy regardless of whether you are involved in the business opportunity.

III. You must spend two hours per day at professional relationship building, every day, 5 days per week. This is the lifeblood of your MLM business.

  • In the MLM business, you are paid to do only two things. Recruit team members and retail product.
  • Professionals get paid, amateurs do not. You must treat network marketing as a business, not a hobby.

IV. Decide to get to $100,000 per month. Decide how long you will take to get there – One, Two or Three Years.

  • Based on 20 days per month, you need to present to 30 qualified prospects per day, to get to $100,000 per month in one year.
  • Based on 20 days per month, you need to present to 20 qualified prospects per day, to get to $100,000 per month in two years.
  • Based on 20 days per month, you need to present to 10 qualified prospects per day, to get to $100,000 per month in three years.
  • With anything less than 10 people per day, & you reach a point of diminishing returns. Decide on one, two or three years to get to $100,000 per month.

If you want to get there in one year, as we discussed in the title of this post, you have to get your presentation in front of 30 qualified prospects per day.

What is so powerful about this is that it’s a simple enough step-by-step process for anyone to execute. There are no barriers to entry. It doesn’t matter your education, your family status, your financial situation. Anyone can do these steps.

It does require hard work and commitment. The reason 97% of network marketers never get to this level is because don’t execute.This is why most people never achieve this income, even with these MLM success secrets handed to them.

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