Vegas Beyond Today and Tomorrow at the New M Resort and Casino

Las Vegas, has always stood for value. Overtime, they have been building mega casinos, with literally thousands of rooms and thousands of square feet, and the crowds have loved it. City Center, is a multi billion dollar investment, with over half the money coming in from Dubai, to finance the project, that is owned my MGM.

With the current economy, and most major resort casinos, losing money, going into bankruptcy and loans becoming due that most casinos, with their current debt load cannot possibly pay, are looking for alternative ways to keep the crowds coming in and make a profit.

One such new casino, is the new M resort and spa, that opened, just last month on the far south of the strip, even beyond Southpoint resort and casino. The “M” resort is very unique and perhaps an indication of the wave of the future. For instance, have you ever heard of a casino, anywhere in the World, having a fully staffed pharmacy, right next to slot machines? Yep, for sure, there it is right next to the sound of those winning slot machines, on the casino floor. What in heavens name, is a pharmacy doing in a casino , you might just wonder. Well, folks, the demographics of America and the over all population are changing. More and more people are becoming older and no longer want the multi mega casinos that were built in the 80’s and 90’s..

Seniors, want a more closed in casino, where they do not have to walk a mile to get to their destination, often just a bathroom, takes several city blocks in a mega casino to reach. And as for the pharmacy, do you know how many seniors, are on some prescription, millions of us, a definite plus for the new “M” that will bring them repeat business for having been the fore runner of this new era.

They also have a buffet, that after 40 years in coming to Vegas, and having eaten at almost every buffet in town, including the new Wynn, hands down beats every buffet in this city, in price, service, selection and ambiance of the surrounding atmosphere in the M buffet. Would you believe, they serve premium beer and wine, along with a buffet selection of over 100 dishes from around the World, including a mini sushi selection. On by the way, did I mention the dessert bar, with a selection of the finest desserts in the World. Did I mention , the fresh baked sliced bread—Wow, simply a 5 star place, at a one star price folks! The modern moving graphics above the buffet walls are like no other, you have ever seen.

This place even has a wine cellar, like no other in the country, including the wine area of Napa valley in California. Have you ever sampled wine, sold by 1, 2 or 3 ounce glass, sold by a credit card. Simply, put your credit card in the vintage wine bottle of your choice, press the button, and out pours your premium wine selection for your taste buds, not to mention a relaxing ambiance lounge to relax in.

I could go on and on and simply rave about this resort. Did I mention the unique, serve your self water and soda bar in the middle of the casino, like no other in Las Vegas.

In conclusion, the “M” is truly, the new wave of the future for Las Vegas, a 5 star place, at a 1 star budget, recommend it with no reservations.

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