The Web 2.0 Phenomenon: Another Internet Trend?

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I bet you’ve heard the term web2.0 but do you actually know what web2.0 means? Let me get you in on the action. In my opinion, web2.0 is a revolutionary concept, it’s the next generation of internet allowing web users to take active part to the development of a webpage’s content and history. Using sophisticated dynamic applications a website can do some really cool things!

Web2.0 gives web users the ability and the freedom to do what they want, enhance and control their experience. Web2.0 websites are not just static or dynamic web pages. They are web based applications that you can use anywhere.

There are thousands of developers working on web2.0 websites as we speak. Many will say that web2.0 is another Internet trend that will go away in a few months. But web2.0 is here to stay and there are so many reasons for that. The most important reason is that web2.0 technologies allows a website to connect with millions of users and makes the Internet a really cool place to be.

It’s not a coincidence that very well known websites like or are implementing this exact web2.0 concept to reach users and succeed with their goals. Should I remind you that YouTube owners recently sold their company for over 2 billion dollars to Google? Should I mention that has become one of the top-5 most popular websites in the entire web?

How about Social Bookmarking websites like or Why have they’ve become so amazingly popular?

These websites are a cool place to be that’s why they are so popular. They allow web users to take part and customize their online experience in an easy, fun and free way! Users decide whether they want to upload their own videos or talk about their favorite interests or hobbies and even share their favorite websites. Users can create their own friends lists, share them and thus leave their mark in the website’s history.

All these remarkably popular websites are active web based applications utilizing the ideas of web2.0 concept. And they make tons of money every single day relying solely on advertising. They will never charge you for using their website.

Another great example of a web2.0 website is the infamous wikipedia. The first free online encyclopedia where users can edit it’s contents. Wonder why wikipedia has become so popular? It’s not only because it’s free and provides tons of great info. What makes wikipedia stand from the crowd is the ability/option to edit it’s contents. Isn’t it so simply amazing?

So what this have to do with you? If you are a webmaster or an internet marketer or a coder then you better take advantage of the web2.0 idea while you can. It’s so easy to get into that and conquer it effectively. How many niches do you know of that has a real web2.0 project established in it? I bet there are thousands of niches waiting for web developers to take the next step and conquer them.

In a few months from now you will not be able to avoid the web2.0 concept. It happens all the time. Good ideas just appear, it takes some time before they become accepted and gain some popularity and then everyone wants a piece of the action. Web2.0 is already gaining popularity in an unimaginable way.

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