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The computer has dramatically changed the way people do business today and along with this has come a plethora of online tools for businesses, whether your primary business is online or offline, you can still use these tools to make your life easier and be more productive.

Google – more than Just a Search Engine with Email

Google is perhaps the most powerful online business tool today and is far more than just a search engine with Gmail. Whether you go for Google for Business or just use the standard features available with any Google account, it can greatly assist your business.

Google Drive, for example, is an excellent way to store and share documents online. It also allows for actually editing the documents online with immediate saving. This means that these documents are easily available anywhere.

Google calendar can be a great productivity tool for keeping track of your movements and then of course you also have the features of Gmail and Google Search.

Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting is becoming increasingly popular and if you are not yet using a cloud accounting package for your business then it is highly recommended that you look into it. Cloud accounting makes it far easier to share information with your off-site accountant and also means that the financial records are always available to you, whether you are at the office or away. Cloud accounting has also simplified a number of bookkeeping functions making it quicker and easier for your bookkeeper to capture information and therefore improving productivity.

Online File Storage

Online file storage, whether it be Google Drive or other solutions such as Dropbox are another great resource for your business. These allow you to share information with others and also make it easier to retrieve information from different devices you may use.

Online Productivity Tools

Online productivity tools include time tracking tools, calendars, to-do lists and project management tools. There are a number of these different solutions out there and they can help with keeping track of your time as well as your employees, managing work projects, etc.

The more online tools you can use for your business, the greater flexibility you will have as more information will be available to you wherever you are and not just in the office. These solutions also offer an increased level of security by not being stored on your office computer, meaning that should anything happen to your offices you can continue from anywhere. Bringing online solutions into your business is definitely a smart step.

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