Managing Time Wisely

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Work can take up most of your time especially those who do online business, where most of your time will be spend on networking with other netpreneurs, reply emails and provide online customer services to your clients etc…

You tend to forget there still a lot of housework s needed you to attend to. By the time you done your work, you simply got no “energy” to do anything but to close your eyes and sleep.

Now I understand, why most women tend to work at home, part of the reason is that they can earning a living at home at the same time they can attend to errand, kill two birds with one stone, how wonderful !

But most of the time, thing cannot turn out what we want it to be, isn’t it? Hours seem to fly by when work online. You are tired, and it required a lot of effort s even to do the basic of household duties like l fixing dinner, fetching your kids from school etc.

Now fear not, start organizing your schedule well. Here are some tips to help you balance your work as well as your home. It worked for me and I hope its help.

1. Managing time wisely – First of the most important factor is to ask yourself how and where you want to spend your time is key to how to keep a balance in your lifestyle. You can start keeping a PDA or notebook to keep track your entire daily schedule. You can even do it online. Through this way, you can definitely cut some time out by doing certain tasks; for example you can read a newspaper or knitting in the car while you are waiting for your husband or children to knock off from work or school respectively.

2. Prioritize your tasks – Divide available hours between your home and your work diligently. In order to reach your personal, business or family goals, you must learn to cut down on “redundant” activities. For example, you can cut down these “helping other” activities (I know it tough as women we tend to have difficulties saying “No” as we are helpful by nature) but who going to help you when your life is “messed up”. So most importantly you really need to prioritize the activity according to its value or importance.

3. Learn to relax – Like I said ‘We Work to Live, We do not Live to Work’. It’s no point being successful at the expense of your home and your family. Set aside some time to relax some that you can recharge your life “battery” too much some thing is not good. You can organized some activities like going picnics at the park with your family or meet up with friends for coffee, these in turn will help maintain your social life. Similarly, surf the internet with your husband or children. Show them websites of their interest. That way, you will strengthen bond with them as well.

These are some of few suggestions on balancing work and family. Hope you find it useful and most important thing is that you should start it Right Now! Cheer!

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