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Internet business is a growing multi-billion dollar industry and anyone can be part of this with just a computer. In my opinion, it is the best home business as well as a ,alternative income, business. Multiple avenues of income streams can be found. Compared to a bucket income like regular job where 1 ‘bucket’ of work equals 1 ‘bucket’ of pay, the internet business is like building our own pipeline to wealth with very low investments. This make it a truly Home Based or computer business and is the best way in my opinion to create multiple income streams for yourself. With conventional work, if we stop working for any reason, the income stops.

It is relatively easy to launch a website which is tantamount to opening a shop so to speak. One can open multiple ‘shops’ with little capital and sometimes even no capital other than time and effort and a internet connected computer. For beginners, it may be interesting to learn that on the Internet some things can be done for FREE! For example, there are internet sites offering free webdomain. These are functional although a dot com site is always the first preference. Whatever business or project we do, we have to firstly plan, organise, execute, recheck and fine tune etcetra. Basically a system has to be in place so that the business can run and be executed smoothly over and over again.

It is generally best firstly to get your own domain name. This itself takes abit of creativity and honestly hard work as good names are usually taken up especially for .com names. Domain names should be short to be easily remembered. Preferably catchy 2 to 4 syllables so it is better remembered. The easier to remember the site the better. It will be good if the name does not have any negative connotations as with anything else, positive branding is best. Ease to pronounce your site name will also help people remember it. Preferably do not use generic names as if you want to later register a company or product using that name may be difficult. It would be good to also indicate the market you are in in the name. This makes it easier for people to immediately identify with your focus area. Search engines tend to pickup better if your name includes the market you are in.

Next is to sell a product or service which is in your area of specialty or interest. With interest or if you are already skilled in that area, one can find it easier to identify areas or topics where one can start a internet business. One can also present it with more confidence.

There are many ways to do the business. Say for example you decide to sell products but do not have the product in hand to sell due to stocking or whatever reason. Now Drop Shipping is an area that getting very popular. Drop shipping works like this: You setup your website or internet storefront. Any orders goes directly from your website to the manufacturer or wholesaler and they will complete the transaction from orders to delivery. You then get your share of the commission or profits. In this way you do not have logistic and other headaches. Another popular method is Affiliate Marketing where the products or service is already there and you just have to promote the product for a commission. In all of these few examples, the main other work comes in marketing your site. As with a physical store, promotion or marketing is done to attract customers. The more marketing and advertisement is done as well as if properly exercise, the higher the interest and more customers to your site and business.

As with any business, once you have customers, present or past, it is better to value a customer in hand more than to look for new ones. Both are important but taking care of existing customers will be better as a relationship has already started and chances of repurchases is greater.

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