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No doubt, Opencart is an overwhelming and unique E-commerce web application that has dozens of free and premium extensions. Being an online business devotee, I have selected a few opencart extensions that are really helpful in speeding up the business flow with greater revenue. These extensions are completely free and you can enjoy the delight of online earnings and revenue by utilizing these features. Somehow, they are useful for the business but they are really helpful for the customer to understand the working of your website. Honestly, it has been observed many times that most of the clients leave the website because they don’t get the idea and strategy.

These Opencart extensions allow you to go through all the points that can help you out in refining and presenting your website with a user friendly atmosphere. Moreover, these extensions will also help you in search engine optimization and grabbing targeted audience rather than the useless hits. Another benefit of these extensions is proper integration of Google Checkout with your online stores. You can also add Twitter testimonials to the site along with proper management of images and videos.

Testimonials Of Customers:

Adding testimonials of your customers is a must because you can easily grab more audience to your website. In these days, people are inclined towards reliable services with economical rates. If you are getting positive testimonials then feel free to share them on your Opencart free extension. This can be done very easily and the outcome of this step is very fruitful.

Catchy Interface Of Twitter:

As you know that the interface of Twitter is especially designed for business related people and you can easily interact with other business related clients without any trouble. Interaction of online stores via Twitter based interface can be a plus to the progress of your business because you can easily grab the attention of online customers and clients. This interface extension will show at least 10 tweets of your online store. It can be nothing for you but the visitors of the website will be engaged and start reading your previous tweets and they will surely start following your company on Twitter as well.

Google Checkout:

Another best way to keep regular traffic on your website is Google Checkout. This is also a free opencart extension in the field of ecommerce. This utility provides users login feasibility and they can easily check in to your site and make purchases by using their Google accounts as well.

Auto SEO:

Auto SEO is another free of cost extension that helps the user to generate keywords and links that are really helpful in grabbing the attention of audience towards your website.

A few more free of cost Opencart extensions in the field of E-commerce are given below:






You can easily get millions of benefits and hits to your website if you are utilizing proper strategies and techniques for your website. Feel free to contact us if you are having some troubles and confusions regarding open cart extensions in Ecommerce. It will be an honor to serve you best. For more details, you can also follow the links below.

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