What is an Ezine? A Brief Introduction

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Although it can be defined in many ways, an ezine is basically an electronic magazine publication distributed via the internet. The term is often used interchangeably with “newsletter” due to their similar methods of delivery and overall purpose. Generally speaking, it can be centered around any topic the publisher chooses and obtains readers through consensual subscriptions. It is estimated that thousands of ezines are currently circulating throughout the internet everyday.

Benefits of Ezine Publishing

An ezine can help you establish an online presence and maintain continuous communication with your audience. More importantly, it can be a key revenue driver that enables you to enjoy a profitable and successful business. It makes a great way to build a quality list of subscribers and keep them informed about your offerings or whatever is happening in your field. Because you have complete control over your publication, you have the power to customize an ezine with the styles and features that give your content the maximum impact. You also have the option to offer advertising space to interested marketers, a factor that could provide you with a consistent stream of revenue should your publication become a success.

Ezine Topics

As we mentioned above, an ezine can be centered around any topic you prefer. Keep in mind, however, that it is best to focus on your area of expertise. For example, there are publications based on day cares, Information Technology, and simply general topics. While this should go without saying, it just would not make sense for a publication to offer tips on web design when your business involves selling mortgages. Creating an ezine based on a topic you specialize in or enjoy tends to make writing the content much easier. Several markers choose to create publications that coincide with their website since it is where the bulk of their subscribers are obtained.

Ezine Publication Releases

Just as you have control of the content, you also have the freedom to publish your ezine as frequently as you would like. Of course the frequency depends on various factors, but if you only have a small number of subscribers, you may want to consider only publishing once a month. This way, you do not come off as over aggressive and scare away the few readers you have. As your list of subscribers grows, you may feel comfortable publishing on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. The most important of aspect of ezine publishing is consistency. Do not get your subscribers hooked with a few good issues and then hang them out to dry when they are craving for more.

An ezine can be a powerful marketing tool that supports your entire business. While promoting one takes a lot of dedication and hard work, the rewards of building a successful publication is worth every bit of it. Because you are provided with consent from your subscribers, you can send out company news, announcements, advertisements, discounts, or what ever works best for your audience. With the right approach, you can make an ezine a viable solution for your business.

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