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Today, with advancement in the technology every business has evolved online and obviously web presence matters a lot for the promotion of every business and enterprise. Since half of the business has turned online, it is important to use effective strategies to woo your clients.

No matter how you look at traffic genuinely, quality traffic simply means the rush of people who are actually interested in getting certain information online. Hence, there have been many arguments that traffic is traffic, but to literally get the crowd on your website you need to treat them as real people. It is important as it will help you catch more traffic once you will know who you are targeting.


Undoubtedly, search engine optimization plays a great role in bringing traffic to the website. Installing a related content plugin, utilizing keyword research tools, using keywords in post sites, relevant keywords in image file names, linking to the authorized sites, etc. are the major tasks an SEO executive performs to bring the website to a higher rank.

On Page

• Urllist.txt – It’s a kind of sitemap in text file format which aims to help in identifying the path and number of the available urls on the server.

• Sitemap.xml – A Sitemap is an XML file listing the URLs for a website. The webmasters use it to view the graphical representation of a site. The protocols of sitemap inform the search engines about the particular URLs available for crawling.

• Meta Viewport Tag- Meta View Tags also popularly known as Viewport tags are used to check the responding nature of the website. It helps to check out if the website is responsive on mobile phones, tablets, I-phones, etc. In particular, the web developers use this viewport tag to set the width of the layout viewport related to CSS declarations.

• Favicon- A favicon is simply a file having one or more small icons that are associated with a specific website or a web page. This icon is popular with many other names like shortcut icon, URL icon, bookmark icon, tab icon, etc.

• Apple Touch Icon – Just like Favicon, The Apple Touch Icon is a file used as a web page icon on the Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. This icon is basically used when someone bookmarks your web page or adds it to one’s home screen.

• Meta Tags – Meta elements are the tags that are used in XHTML or HTML to provide a planned metadata about the web page. They work as an important part of the head section of the webpage. Since these tags are useful for search engine optimization and are not visible to the users.

• Customized 404 error page – The Customized 404 error displays the message “Page Not Found” when the page searched by the user is simply not available. There can be the links that are not available or have been currently removed from the website. Consequently, when there is no page to display, the web server displays a message saying “404 page not found”.

Off Page:

• Local citations for Branding – Local Citation refers to the task of mentioning your companies’ local information on other websites or the places available on the internet. Local citation assists in branding your website and also help you rank higher in local search results.

• Info Graphics Submission – As the name suggests, infographics are literally the graphical representations loaded with the information or integrated data. This infographic submission on the feature websites actually help in search engine optimization and are effective in bringing traffic to the platform.

• PPT Submission – PPT is a file extension used for depicting a presentation file used by Microsoft PowerPoint. This popular software is generally used to display the information in the form of slide show. It is again an important and efficient method of getting traffic to your website.

• Google Business Places -is one of the important submission methods that can be used to let Google crawl your business and bring traffic to it at the same time. Google My business enables you to create a profile of your business and then verifies your local business which ultimately helps Google map to crawl it.

• Image Submission – As the name clarifies, image submission means posting images on different websites to increase the links. These images can be submitted directly or by using URLs to promote your website and bring traffic to it. These submissions literally increase your site visibility and the popularity of your website.

Create Amazing content:

There is no denial of the fact that content is the king of any website. If you really think that more traffic shall come to your site, you definitely need to use keyword rich content. Following are a few tips to write down the content and fetch traffic on your portal:

• Use catchy headlines.

• Know the requirement of the website and then write down the things accordingly.

• Give your blog a relevant name, so that the viewer can get to know what he is going to read about.

• It’s not important to load your website with content rather keep the things precise and crispy. People do not have time to go through the epic content.

• Keep on posting the content on your website more often. The more you will post, the better.

• Write down the current stories.

• Write down what people want to read and not what you are interested in writing.

• Keep on blogging at regular intervals, so that the readers must know when to expect something new.

Socialize your website:

Socialization is again one of the best ways to get traffic on your website. You can simply make use of social networking sites to make people know your website, the services you are providing and a lot more about it. Socialization will include:

• Creating a Facebook page for your blog. Simply use it to interact with your readers and post notifications, the moment you publish something new on your website.

• Short and crispy tweets work wonder to catch people’s attention on Twitter.

• Pinterest serves as a wonderful platform to tap into the audiences of the other bloggers.

• Creating a Tumblr blog can also fetch more crowds to the site.

• Making an Instagram account can help you tell people about the new posts.

• Create LinkedIn profiles.

• Link your Google+ page with the related website.

• Incorporate social sharing buttons on every post.

• Try to involve people in your discussion by ending your posts with a question.

• Adding the users advised by the Twitter on a daily basis can help you increase the follow-up percentage.

• Ask your friends to involve you in their blog rolls and join yours as well.

Focus on Email marketing:

Most of the businesses are involved in fetching the traffic through content. Meanwhile, it is not wise to forget the power of regular communication through every mean. Email marketing is one of the traditional methods of getting traffic to your website. It is a powerful tool as a single logical e-mail disclosure can lead to a significant change in the traffic rate on a particular website.

Now, E-marketing does not mean that you keep on bombarding people with persistent emails. It can be irritating for sure. So, you can simply send a friendly e-mail revealing about a new service or the product you are launching. In addition, to this, you are also expected to be consistent in replying to the queries.

Web Responsiveness:

Web responsiveness is an essential part of web designing. It actually decides the optimal view and interacting experience of the website. It plays a great role in fetching the traffic to a site and maintaining it as well.

Check out the speed of your Site:

It is very important to ensure that your site works with a great pace. Let’s not go far and put ourselves in other’s shoes. Have you ever waited for any page to load down for thirty seconds or more? The answer is obviously “NO”. Consequently, it is important to be sure that every page of your website is technically optimized. Make sure that your pages are as technically optimized as possible, comprising page structure, file sizes, image files, the functionality of the third party plugins, etc. The faster it will be the better.

Use Multimedia to get amazing traffic:

Multimedia holds a great power to bring traffic to your site if you have made its proper use.

• Use of Photos and Graphics: Photos and graphics are the best tools to express what one actually wants at a single glance without taking much time. Use of fascinating and unique photographs and graphics can help o bring traffic on the website.

• Creating an infographic and sharing it with everyone can help bring traffic on the portal.

• Use of Pinterest-friendly graphics displaying text on the top of the images will encourage people to pin your posts.

• Presenting your content in the form of a presentation and sharing it on SlideShare is one of the effective ways of catching the attention of the people towards your website.

• For extra content, it is advised to write down your videos and other webinars.

• Producing podcasts related to your websites is a wise idea. You can share out these podcasts from different sources.

• Uploading videos on the YouTube and other video networking videos along with your website’s link in the reference box can bring people to your site.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is a successful way of rapidly increasing the visitor’s number on your website. It involves a few steps that any user actually needs to be acquainted with before practically doing it.

• Guest posting enhances the visibility of your blog which increases the demand for your work.

• Commenting and blogging on other’s sites give you an opportunity to talk to different people which ultimately build your relationships with the experienced bloggers.

• Guest posting will definitely bring the visitor’s on your site and if they find much good quality on your website, you can have a good traffic on your site.

• Taking part in the blog carnivals can add to the visitor’s rush on site.

• Post your articles on reputed article sites like EzineArticles or Hubpages. This will create extra links for you.

• Write and associate a press release related to your site.

• Do not forget to use your links in your posts.

Case Study:

It is a great idea to write on something that can be taken as a case study further. People can have a discussion over that and it can also be considered as an action from people’s side.

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