Top 20 Guidelines to Budget SEO

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SEO has never been efficient to websites until now. Popular search engines seasonally change its algorithm to rank the indexed websites. Different types of guaranteed SEO services are offered by large SEO companies. Take a look at the tips below to budget SEO before signing a contract with an organic SEO company.

1. Pick the most correct keyword for your website. Make use of long tail keywords so that users will be able to get into your website for specific terms.

2. Make your primary keyword be inserted on the domain. Use hyphen to separate words.

3. For better SEO, use the secondary keywords in the subsections.

4. Search engine spiders don’t like web pages with syntax errors so validate your HTML and CSS.

5. Shorten your title at least 60 – 80 characters or 3 – 9 words. The primary keyword must be included in the title.

6. For headings, use the h1 tag. Put your keywords on the headings but it should not be exactly the same as the title.

7. Make your meta keywords at least 15 – 20 keywords or 101 characters. Even though not all search engines give importance, there’s no catch on doing it.

8. Include your keywords to the meta description for it will be seen on the search results.

9. Instead of using images or JavaScripts in the navigation menu, use text.

10. When creating hyperlinks make sure to use your target keywords for the anchor text.

11. Use alt attribute to images using the proper keywords. Alt attributes are readable to search engines and not the images.

12. You must submit a site map of your website so that all the web pages will be indexed and crawled.

13. Visitors will not wait if the size of a web page is below 50kb. In SEO, 15kb is the ideal size.

14. Don’t insert contents in flash, frame, images and JavaScript form for search engine crawlers cannot read those stuffs.

15. Don’t use dynamic URLs, use static URLs instead. Make your URL search engine friendly.

16. Keyword spamming, cloaking and other black hat techniques must be avoided.

17. Submit your website to major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask only once.

18. Provide newsletter and RSS feeds for your website subscribers.

19. Try to write and submit articles related to your niche and then leave a link going to your website.

20. Build links to related websites. As the number of links increase, the chance of improving search engine ranking increments. In general, to be able to budget SEO, go for the natural method. If possible, go for an organic SEO company that will provide you guaranteed SEO service and long term results.

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