The Value of Awards For Small Businesses

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As a public relations consultant I have often nominated my clients for awards – and even helped them write their award submissions – but I’ve never put myself forward. Until now.

In 2009 I entered my business in two awards programs and was named a finalist in one. In the process of entering and making submissions for these awards, I learnt a lot about myself as a business person and a woman with aspirations. Without being forced to put my goals, achievements and plans for my business into words I might not have realised how far I have come in the four years I have been a soloist.

As hard as it is to admit, especially to a potential audience of so many, I had to Google myself (does that make me a Meegler?) to find out everything I have done. The process jogged my memory and helped me clarify my successes.

So, even though it took many hours of my time and I wondered several times why I had agreed to enter these awards, here is what I gained from the process:

o I clarified my short- and long-term business and personal goals

o I looked back at my achievements over the past four years

o I can now explain with conviction why I am worthy of receiving an award

o I am very clear on my point of difference from my competitors

o I can relate examples of where I, as a business owner, have excelled in customer service, leadership and communication

o I have a better understanding of the relationships I have built with clients and the media

o I revisited the system I use to retain existing clients and attract new ones

o I looked closer at my financial position to see how the business has improved year-on-year

o I isolated areas of my business that needed work

o I discovered the process is a good excuse to market my business because these awards recognise its value and add credibility to my brand.

Can you say you have the same clarity about these areas in your business? It might be worth spending some time looking at your business goals, unique selling proposition (USP), past achievements and areas in your business that could do with some extra focus. It is a valuable exercise.

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