The Best IOS Apps for Businessmen

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You put in a lot of effort for running your business. Now maybe the time to let your iOS device do some of the heavy lifting and share your burden. As long as you have the right apps, your iPhone or iPad can serve at your handy man and keep track of your calendar, update your notes and even aid you in managing your accounts. A quick search of the App Store shows you that there are plenty of business apps available, but you have to pick the best ones for running your business without a hitch.

Email: Outlook

Microsoft’s email app for iOS is laden with advantages for business users, especially if you use Outlook at the office for managing your inbox. You can integrate it fully with the desktop Outlook calendar so you can accept and send meeting invites through email and then get notifications when it is time to meet. You can schedule new appointments and review existing ones as well. There is also the Focused Inbox feature that keeps important messages at the top.

Note Taking: Evernote

When you have your iPhone or iPad at hand, then you don’t need to take notes on paper. Use Evernote for saving your notes to the cloud so you have backup and they can be accessed from anywhere. You can insert photos in your notes and the app also allows you to manually enter or dictate the notes. If you use a stylus for writing notes, your handwriting is also recognized with the text-identification functionality.

Cloud Storage: One Drive

For business users, the best storage platform available on iOS is One Drive because it is integrated with Windows. You can use your iPhone or iPad for accessing your files from just about anywhere, which includes documents saved to your Office account. Deleted files can also be recovered and saved again so you have peace of mind.

Contact Management: CamCard

The problem with business cards is that they can be lost easily so you can lose valuable contact information. Also, manually entering contact information in the address book is very time-consuming as well. In this scenario, you can take advantage of CamCard, which automates the process of saving contacts. You just have to point your iPhone or iPad at the business card and take a photo. Important details such as addresses, names and contact information can be extracted by the text-recognition software of this app and your address book is updated automatically.

These apps will allow you to be productive and deal with your tasks on a timely basis so the business runs smoothly.

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