How To Make Easy Money From Home On Your Own Time

AWOL Academy is a teach academy that will teach you step by step how to design, develop your own website from your own home.

How to start up an affiliate network, perform affiliate marketing to make from the comfort of your own home.

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Donald Crenshaw

Learn How To Start Making Money Online In 10 Steps

In this article I will describe the basic steps how to start your online business. First of all I would like to say that there are many ways to make money online but in order to be successful, you have to follow certain steps. So here we go.

Step 1.

In order to make money online, you have to sell or promote something. So the first thing to do is to decide what to promote or sell. Here you have two options.

a. Promote your own product

b. Promote an Affiliate product

If you don’t have your own product, you can create one, but it will take you some time and also an investment is involved to create the product. If you decide to promote an affiliate product, there is no investment involved and also you save a lot of time. After you decide what to promote, you can go to the next step.

Step 2.

If you have decided to promote your own product, you have two options.

a. Create your own website and promote the product exclusively from there

b. Open a ClickBank account and list your product there, so other internet marketers will promote it for you, and you will pay them commission for every piece sold.

If you have decided to promote an affiliate product, again you have to open a ClickBank account, but here you do not list a product but you have to choose from the market place other people’s products to sell and get commission.

Step 3.

If you are promoting your own product, start creating your website. It is better to hire a professional for this job, because you don’t want other people to think that you are not an expert. The website should look professional.

If you are promoting an affiliate product, now is the time to choose the right product that will make money for you.

Step 4.

This step may be skipped by those promoting their own products.

How to choose product to promote from ClickBank?

In order to choose the best and most profitable affiliate product for you, look for the following things:

a. Your affiliate product must be related to topic that you like or to your hobbies or passions

b. To offer high commission in matter of cash and not percentage from the price

c. To have high Gravity (gravity above 80 and bellow 200 is perfect for beginners)

d. To have high quality Sales Page

e. To have high conversion rate (anything above 2.5% is good)

f. To have support by the vendor

Step 5.

This step may be skipped by those promoting their own products.

After selecting your affiliate product, you have to generate your Hop Link from Click Bank and then purchase your first domain name. I personally recommend Go Daddy for your domain. After purchasing your domain name, set up the forwarding option so when somebody visits your domain name, will be forwarded to the sales page of the product.

Step 6.

Generate your keywords related to your product. Start with the single keywords and then go to the long tail keywords.

Example for keywords related to Money Making Products: money, money making, make money, win money, earn money, easy money, etc.

Example for long tail keywords related to Money Making Products: make money online, make money online from home, how to make money online, home based business making easy money, how to make my online business profitable, etc.

You have to make a list of at least 50 keywords related to your product. Try to find keywords that have big number of searches in the search engine, but relatively low results.

The best tool to start is Google Keyword Tool

Step 7.

Start You Promotion

Here you have many options to choose from.

No matter if you promote your own product & services or an affiliate product those methods will bring you customers.

In order to get customers, you need traffic to your website or your domain and then forwarded to the sales page.

More traffic means more money in your bank account.

There are two options.

Option 1 – pay to get traffic

Option 2 – get traffic for free

The first method will bring you traffic relatively fast, but if you are beginner there is a risk of losing money.

The second method may take some time to bring you traffic but it is free of any risk and it is also totally free of charge. You have to spend some time working however

Step 8

Free Methods of Getting Traffic

a. Article Writing – write different articles about your product and publish them to the net. The best article publishing website is Ezine Articles

b. Social Networking – create accounts in Facebook and Twitter and start making friends and then inform them about your product.

c. Video Posting – create You Tube account and upload funny videos, then include your website or domain name in the video.

d. Free Classified Ads – USFreeAds is the best to start

e. Create your own blog and invite people to visit and tell you their opinion

f. Yahoo Answers – create an account and start answering questions related to your product and send the people to your articles and from there to the product.

There are hundreds of free methods to generate traffic but those are the most popular and effective. It is better if you focus on one or two of those methods at a time and not get involved with all simultaneously.

Step 9

Paid Methods of Getting Traffic

a. Google Ad Words – open an account and start you first advertising campaign. Be very careful with the keywords you use because there is a possibility of losing money

b. Press Release – create an account with PR Web and start publishing your press release. It is an expensive and more advanced technique however the results are great.

c. Hire a professional from Elance to write articles for you and publish them to the different websites.

Step 10

Make your first Online Dollar

If you follow the previous steps one by one and be consistent with your work, definitely you will make money online

The foundation of being a successful internet marketer is the knowledge you have in order to be able to implement all those steps. If you don’t have the knowledge or someone to help you and teach you, unfortunately you may be trying to make money online for years without any success.

If you want to be couched by the best internet marketer and have 24/7 live phone support and access to more than 450 hours of DVD quality tutorials, detailed blueprints how to use the hundreds of methods to make money online and more than 75 turnkey products for you to sell, and many more…

Visit the website bellow and join the club

Internet Secrets – Making Money Online

If your business is not offering its product/service online, then you are surly living in ancient times. Companies today have realized that in order to remain competitive, they have to reach today’s’ customers who do business mainly on the internet. Running a business online means that you have an international audience. And having a worldwide audience means that your business is up and running seven days a week twenty four hours a day. While your customers in United States are sleeping, those in Japan would defiantly be awake. An online business never goes to sleep; customers are always visiting night and day. Because of this, your online company must be staffed all the time in order to keep a close eye on potential sales and new customers.

When managing an online home business, communication is vital. Using instant messaging and email as a type of communication between your staff and yourself will surely have great benefits. There are also several different types of technologies available such as the VoIP which gives you the ability to communicate with your staff and business partners from any place on the planet. But since you and your business associates live in totally different time zones it is very important to set up certain times of the day when you can talk with them concerning different issues and updates that your company faces day after day and what they should to do deal with it. You should ensure that they follow your schedule and instruction.

Meetings are also very important for online home businesses. Having Meetings will inform you of the issues effecting your staff and issues that your company might be facing. To save effort and time, an internet businesses can meet online in conference rooms. This will get rid of the need for manual preparations and physical space.

One of the biggest secrets to making money online is brand promotion! Yes, brand awareness is very important even though you’re business is on the Internet. Brand building means providing fast services, great products and great experiences to your clients. Yes, you will surly want all your clients to have a good experience. Remember, news spreads quickly online. If you have just one visitor who has had a bad experience with your business and then spreads a bad rumor, chances are your companys’ name will be destroyed.

Remember that your site is the face of your online home business and should not be a secret. Making money online would mean that your business must keep up with current technological advances. In designing your sales page always remember to keep navigation at the top of your head. Potential customers will not want to visit a hundred different web pages simply to buy one item.

Surviving online is tough, Every single day there are millions of businesses going online and even more people setting up online businesses. Ultimately, the key to being successful in any endeavor is to totally love what you do. Remember, not everybody gets to affect lives every day on a global scale. If you would like to know more on this topic check out Dotcomology [] the art of making money with your home business.

The IPC Instant Cash Training Center to Make Money Online

I recognize that in this make money online business arena that one of the most important aspects for a beginner, in particular, to consider is, “How am I going to duplicate the success of others who are already successful online?”

The resounding answer to that question is that training is the number one way that one can learn how to duplicate other successful members of a make steady money online opportunity.

I am going to review the training center at IPC Instant Cash to see if it is an effective source for people to learn how to duplicate the “good results” of others who already know how to make money online

I submit to you that to be an effective training center for people who are trying to find ways to make money online, that two ingredients are necessary – 1.Communicated for the newest of newbies to understand and 2. Accuracy 3.Communicated in two different medias.

Communicated for the newest of newbies

The IPC instant cash Training Center is written and spoken, in terms and with concepts that are easy for people to follow along. I see way too many training centers or Teams of trainers or mentors that seem to have their own agenda and do not speak to the ears or eyes of everyone. I have found that at IPC that a newbie or a more experienced entrepreneur can understand comfortably the instructions being given to increase the students chances to make money online fast.


The IPC Instant Cash training center explains the nuts and bolts of their business with accuracy and detail so that if followed anybody can make money on the internet. It begins with setting up the system. The set up process is clear that you should not move on until the setup process is complete. When the new participant follows the instruction they find there is nothing left to the imagination as the instructions are detailed to a fault, if it were to be a fault to be so detailed. I found that needing to call the support center was not necessary because the instructions were very precise.

Then when the marketing instructions are given in the IPC Instant Cash training center a newbie must feel that they have died and gone to heaven because the center actually shows you how to market, where to market, why this works, what to do to avoid pitfalls, and what to do to increase your chances for success at making the residual income online that is allowed in this program.

Communicated in two different media

How do I know that two different medias and not three are better? Well I don’t but I absolutely do know that if you speak about a subject and you also have the same information in written form as the IPC Instant Cash Training Center does, then you are increasing the chances of communicating to the style of everyone. People learn differently from each other and the Training Center teaches people how to make money online in the two ways that are most conducive to learning – they speak it, and write it plus they even have the ability for you to make a phone call to clear any questions not covered by the training center.

It would be my assessment of the IPC Training Center that gives the make money online ideas and specifics to members that it passes the test of an effective way for anybody to learn how to make money online

Network Marketing Business – How to Make Money in Network Marketing Even When You’re Broke!

So you scraped up your last bits of cash to join your network marketing business, and now you have no money to advertise with. This happens a lot and people will actually sometimes lose their momentum and not start to build their business until they have money to advertise with. Unfortunately this usually never happens.

This is a bad idea and usually will be a huge downfall.

The good news is that you can market your network marketing home business even when you’re broke and there are literally dozens of ways to do that. Of course some ways are better than others. Some are more effective than others, and some take a lot more time than others. But I want to give you the ones that you can start with right now, which are very effective.

Getting the Word Out FAST About Your Network Marketing Business for Free…

I’ll talk about the online ways to get traffic to your network marketing website in a minute, but first I want to tell you about a way that you can start building your network marketing business FAST starting right now…as soon as you read this article. The best way is to start talking to people that you know. Please don’t listen to all the BS hype of people telling you that the old methods of network marketing are dead.

Proof That Traditional Network Marketing Principals are NOT DEAD!

First of all they’re not and we’ve got over 60,000 people in our downline to prove it. But second of all if there’s anything more free than talking, then I don’t know what it is. Not only that but it’s likely that you dropped a good penny on your network marketing business kit when you joined, and if the opportunity you joined is worth it’s salt then there are some great promotional tools in there for you to use, so USE THEM! They’ve likely been tested and tweaked to work like crazy.

Building Your Network Marketing Business Online for FREE

First thing’s first. You need somewhere to send traffic, and to start branding yourself. You need a website for your MLM business. “But I don’t have money to buy one” you’re saying to yourself. Well you don’t need it. You can build a free site at, or you can set up a free Blog at and start running with it.

The Life Blood of any Network Marketers Chances of Success

You’ll have to start collecting leads ASAP. This means you need an auto-responder service. I suggest that here is where you should borrow money if you have to and get set-up with a service like Aweber, but there are some good free one’s out there that will be good enough for now. Just Google free auto responders and see what you can find, but it’s a must to have it to contact your leads.

Getting Traffic to Your New Network Marketing Website for Free

Ok, you’re all set up with a site, now you need some traffic to it. One of the best things that you can do is write articles and submit them to article directories like this one. is the best and you can get tons of traffic from the site itself, plus if you’re savvy you’ll get your articles ranked in the search engines. Look up The Bum Marketing Method at Google and you’ll find a great resource on finding the right keywords to use to get ranked in Google.

You’ll also want to post the articles on your own blog, and then change them pretty significantly and put them up at other article directories online as well.

Making Friends and Getting Free Traffic

You’ve probably heard about social sites like Facebook and Twitter. You may already have accounts there. It’s a great place to get traffic to your sites. Post a status or Tweet and let all your friends that you already have know that you have a business opportunity, or that you just wrote an article and link to it. And then start making new friends that are interested in making money.

Make Money Online With Domain Names

Domain names have become a very favorite means to generate money online, and a number of those names may opt for a significant gain. When the Internet first became popular, a few individuals had the chance to obtain the rights to a domain which is quite desired. A domain name gets public in the event the website owner wants to renew the title with the supplier. Therefore it turns into a public domain. These public domains are offered for lease or purchase.

Some traders will snatch domains when they are available and then pay or rent the domain name into your website for use for redirecting visitors to this website. The buyer makes money, and also, the site which gets the rights to this domain can boost their traffic drastically. This procedure requires you to find the best to utilize the domain and sell it into a competing firm that provides the very same products or solutions.

There’s also a marketplace for domain names using the first owner who allows the domain lapse, the majority of the moment, due to natural forgetfulness. A good deal of instances, those owners have spent substantial time, effort, and money on their website, so they’re more than prepared to pay to maintain it. These owners may generally repurchase the domain from you when given a chance, occasionally at a significant profit.

A third approach to generate money online with domains is to purchase generic domains that include specific business keywords, then offer to offer them within the business to divert visitors to your purchaser’s most crucial website. The generic keywords will differ from business to industry, thus finding out the most effective keywords for the business you’re targeting is a fantastic idea for this technique. Generic domains such as or even will have fascinated buyers in those businesses, so finding one is merely an issue of advertising your support to discover the buyers.

Earning money online with domains can be quite a profitable source of revenue if it’s performed correctly. Public domains become available frequently, mostly due to neglect to animate them. The three main markets for domains include buyers who would like to utilize the domain name to divert visitors to their website, buyers that have dropped the domain name since they forgot to revive it, and have invested lots to produce the website. Hence they are eager to pay to recover the domain and domains which contain industry-specific keywords.

You might even earn money with domains by collecting up generic domains which contain buzz phrases inside a market and supplying them to the maximum bidder to be diverted to the significant website. For example, if you have control of an URL such as”,” odds are you’d find attention on the portion of a variety of those teleconferencing companies across the globe. It’s relatively simple to earn money selling domain names, which are generic but use to a specific service offering.

To earn money with domains, you need to get an eye to what will pay at a reasonable period, know what the market will bear, and also have loads of responses to this question”how do I make money with a domain name” Any speculator who will do so will know precisely how to earn money from people domains.

Be a Computer Guru and Earn Money

If you have skills with a computer, than why not put them to use and make some cash? This is a great and relatively easy way to make some extra money because many people are not computer gurus.

How To Start

What you will want to do first is start small. While it may seem hard to find people who experience computer problems in public, putting an ad in a newspaper isn’t going to land you many clients because this field is usually very over saturated with competition. So the best way to start out is by printing out flyers detailing your service. Will you be focusing only on the software aspects of a computer, the hardware portion, or both? Remember that fixing computers is not usually rocket science, and if you cant figure out a solution on your own, the internet can do wonders (as you may already know).

A great place to post your flyers are at public areas (where you are permitted). Check with local businesses and ask if you can post flyers in their building. The key is to target your primary audience, which is usually middle aged people and older.

The best way to get clients is to use your age to your benefit. Most people with computer problems are going to be much older than you are and they most likely equate computer literate people to young people like yourself. By saying your 16 and want to help fix someones computer at half the price as professional shops, they’ll give you a call.


Computer repair prices vary and most of the time businesses will charge by the hour, or simply charge a flat fee. The easiest thing to do is to stay negotiable. Compare your prices to other repair shops and cut them in half. The lower you go, the more chance you will have a returning customer.

One other element you should think about is whether you will be working from within your residence or making house calls. While the former may seem easier on your part, you may not receive as many customers as if you were offering to go to their residence and fix the problem for them. And think about other people living with you. Will they like to have people drop by with computer parts all the time? The latter is probably the best choice as far as business is concerned, however it also requires a mode of transportation.

Lastly, print yourself out some nice business cards and watch the cash roll in.

Marketing Without Money – How to Build Your Business Influence Through Community Speaking

One of the fastest ways to become established as a regional expert is through the process of offering community workshops and seminars. I’ve spoken to hundreds of these groups through the years and have made some wonderful friends, as well as experienced some remarkable opportunities by volunteering time to add value to others. Yes, I said volunteer, since you don’t get paid in dollars to give a community speech, but you can be well paid in other ways. How? Through influence, network, multiple referrals into your business, opportunities to give full fee presentations to other groups and wider media exposure, especially on the Internet.

Still, there’s another huge benefit to you – free advertising. Consider how much you would be willing to pay in advertising dollars to be featured as an expert in front of a group of key decision makers, successful business people or community leaders? I suspect a lot because of the incredible return on investment of being in front of key people who have the capacity to hire you or refer you to other key people in the community who can. Treat these opportunities like a public audition that features you in front of 15-30 people who can meet you to learn more of your desire to help in your area of expertise. And the best news is that you don’t have to pay to be in front of these community leaders, but you do have to be strategic.

There are opportunities to give community presentations every day in your backyard if you know where to look. These events often take place during a breakfast or lunch time on a weekday all over your town. Consider the following as a sample of the type of groups in your area that need communicators to get your thinking started about targeting the key groups looking for you right now to line up as the speaker at their next event.

___Business groups such as a chamber of commerce or Female executives

___Service or Civic Clubs, like Rotary, Sertoma, Lions, or Kiawanas

___Medical groups, like nurses, interns, residents or hospital committees

___Networking groups, like BNI, Focus International or Babblebee

___Faith based groups, like churches, ministries or the retreats they sponsor

___Health groups, such as the American Heart Association or Red Cross

___Political or Political Action Committees, (PAC’s) focused on issues

___Emergency Services, like police, fire, EMS groups or safety committees

___Women’s clubs, like the Junior League, Curves or MADD

___Athletic groups, like master swimmers, soccer clubs or hunting groups

___Education groups, like parent/teacher organizations or school volunteers

___Fraternal Orders, like the Elks, Eagles, Moose or Fraternal Order of Police

___Senior’s groups, usually found at senior centers or retirement centers

___Youth groups, sponsored by churches, Youth for Christ or Jr. Achievement

___Parenting groups, especially young parents such as Mothers of Preschoolers

___Trade Associations- which requires a longer explanation, since there are over 22,000 professional trade associations in the United States.

Most of these trade associations have a national, state and local chapter pushing the number of professional associations into the multiple thousands in every region of the country! Each level has to have a speaker at every event and writers for their monthly newsletters and websites.

This creates a HUGE opportunity for communicators to make a positive difference. If your background is in education, look for teachers associations. If it’s in real estate, look for realtors or brokers associations. If it’s in giving care for the elderly, look for agencies on aging or the professional associations that care for the aged.

You don’t have enough time to speak for every group, but you will have the time of your life if you can get in front of the right trade association and knock their socks off with a great presentation. Plus, at the local level these are always going to be free talks, but if you can ‘wow’ your audience, you can often be suggested to speak at the national trade association’s annual meeting and they do pay speakers at that level. So it pays to always speak as if you were giving the most important talk of your life. Excellence always comes back to bless you after it blesses your audience.

These groups need your input, they need your expertise and you need to help. It’s a perfect fit, so begin searching now to find the groups where you can make the biggest impact and once you have identified your key target groups, then make some calls to see who’s in charge of scheduling speakers to begin the process.

How do you find them? Search out your local newspapers under community events, do web searches on specific topics, or ask around to see who belongs to community groups, which are always looking for effective communicators.

Here are a few important principles to keep in mind as you begin to reach out to make a positive difference using the strategy of community seminars that serve others while positioning you as an expert.

1) It’s not about marketing – it’s about the message

The goal isn’t to market you, your book or your services… it’s about the message to help answer people’s questions, solve their problems and basically give information to help make their day or week go a little better. You want to give as much user-friendly content away in your presentation as possible. If it ‘smells’ like selling- it won’t work. You have to really care about your audience and helping make their lives work better. To quote motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, “You can get anything you want, if you help enough other people get what they want.” If you have a book, you could use it as a door prize. If you have business cards, you can leave them in the back, or another technique is to offer a special report via email in exchange for a business card or email opt-in. This rapid follow up builds your e-list, (which should NEVER be shared or rented in my opinion to respect the privacy of those who trust you), while showing that you are a professional who believes in giving as much away as possible to build value into every presentation you give. You can build in a very mild marketing follow up, but only after giving a ‘killer’ presentation that adds greater value to each member of the audience. Remember, if you ‘wow’ them, they will find a way to find you for their future events. Mostly give a great speech and somewhere have a business card, or memorable way to share your website with the audience and then let the power of your presentation plant the seeds that will grow into them remembering you for their next paid event.

2) Build on your communication strengths

If you are passionate about a particular subject, then this is your place to shine, however, if you aren’t really strong on a given topic, then stay away from it. Talk about how to solve problems in the areas where you can make the greatest difference. Usually this will come out of your existing career, or an avocation that you really enjoy discussing. If you are building on a strength the writing and speaking will come easy, and your sincerity will come through to show your audience that you are an expert they can trust to add value to their lives. If you love to tell stories, then build on that strength, if your style is more instructional, then create an interactive hand-out to make it a training time of greater learning.

3) Focus on creative topics to catch your audience

Avoiding financial ruin, getting out of a bad relationship, secrets of living to be 100, fast ways to regain health and wellness, prevention of disease, how to stay out of therapy, when to kick your kids out for good, how speed reading creates lasting wealth, recession proofing your business, how to gain a #1 ranking on Google- basically use a great title to excite your audience that it’s going to be a fun time of learning. Another technique I like to use is a title/sub-title process to capture the right and left hemispheres of the brain, (logical/rational vs. emotional/creative).

For instance, title- ‘Relationship Renewal’ (right hemisphere), sub-title- ‘How to recover, rebuild and renew with the people you care about most.’ (left hemisphere, which is often about a lengthier description of ‘how to’ do what it is you have described in your main title). This way you catch the attention of a much wider audience and your specific topic keeps your own thoughts in line for a more powerful presentation. Remember, you can often give the exact same speech, since you will be going from club to club and group to group, so you can strengthen it every time you give it.

4) Be professional and be prepared

Arrive early, know that frequently you may not get the full time you were allotted due to other business the club may be taking care of, so be flexible. The more prepared you are ahead of time, the easier you can ‘edit’ on the fly to end on time, (which is important since people on a tight schedule will actually get up and leave in order to stay on their schedules. You must finish on time, no matter when you get started). Have a printed introduction in large print to give to the meeting planner that outlines your credentials as an expert and encourage them to read it aloud ahead of time to get comfortable sharing this important information to let the audience know of your background and expertise. Hand-outs are a great way to reinforce your message, as well as add your contact information at the bottom of the sheet. (I’ve found that people will keep these for years if you 3- hole punch them or print on pre-drilled paper, which adds greater value to the sheet by suggesting that it’s important enough to take home and put into a notebook). If you have professional marketing material at a back table, that’s great, but in this communication setting the main strategy is to give an amazing talk first and foremost. Dress one level above your audience and be as polished as you can be for maximum impact since you really don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

5) Give a great talk and get a lot of great PR

Once you are comfortable with the process and are giving great presentations on a regular basis you can leverage your talks several ways that bring in new opportunities by taking your message to new audiences. Ask to professionally record or video tape your presentation. This can be turned into a new CD, podcast, DVD or online webinar. These can become bonus items to add greater value to your website, or stand alone products that you can add to your shopping cart of online resources for purchase by other groups.

Get quoted by the media, (especially if you send out press releases ahead of time which can be done with online services that offer free press releases), since your local newspapers and television stations have to fill news time and a clever topic given in a public seminar can often lead to media quotes which are quite valuable in establishing you as a regional expert. And don’t forget to ask that someone takes your picture with a digital camera while you are talking, so that you have some ‘action shots’ to use on your website, or with your blog of recent presentations.

The more you think ahead on how to leverage your community talk into a great community event, the more likely you will receive positive public relations and on-going referrals into your ‘day business’. Community workshops add value to everyone involved. To you, to your audience and to those who will meet you in the future because they heard about someone who cared enough to take their message to the marketplace to share with others. Do that long enough and you’ll be the busiest professional in your region… and it all started with a free speech.

I dare you to be the one who adds the greatest value in your regions by sharing the message entrusted to you with the most people possible. And then I look forward to hearing the success stories of how free speeches turned into fee for services because you cared enough to tell your story to some people looking for answers. Get to it!

Best Company to Invest Your Money – Guidelines for Evaluating Stocks and Financial Strength

First of all, it’s never a good idea to put all of your money into a single investment. Always keep your portfolio as diverse as you possibly can. It is very common to ask questions such as “best company to invest your money”. It’s ideal to conduct research on a few companies or products at a time and invest regularly. Be sure and join an investment newsletter that offers the top picks by the experts who really have an innovative approach to the stock market.

A beginning investor should never begin with an individual stock. If you’re new and just starting with your portfolio, it is much riskier to buy an individual stock than it is to buy a low-cost mutual fund that includes a group of stocks.

Regardless of your experience level a lot of people recommend that “FAANG” is a way to go, or at least used as a starting point. These are the “Big 5” Facebook / Amazon Apple / Netflix / Google. These 5 tech giants have their hands in just about everything these days and still have the potential to disrupt the industries and economy that they don’t already.

Do some research on all of the industries these big 5 are involved in to help you make your decision on the best company to invest your money in. Consider competitors as well, such as Disney, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Baidu, etc… Baidu (BIDU) has a huge stronghold in China, and is slowly growing on a global level.

Is There a Best Company to Invest Your Money In?

Always consider factors like debt, price, and valuation when investing. Do research on a company’s background and current financial situation to find out if it’s in debt. The more debt a business is in, the more money it has to spend on payments and interests. Also, look into dividends, and the company’s history in paying them. Are the dividends being increased or not?

Don’t make the mistake in assuming that a stock is going to be a bargain just because the price is very low. You must understand why and how that price went down and if it is going to rebound. Volatility is to be expected on occasion as well, so don’t panic or be surprised over it.

Some classes or training can really go a long way – especially if you want to try and make a living with investing in the stock market. You won’t get rich overnight, but you will likely find success after a while if you learn about the common evaluation metrics, like price-to-earnings ratio, debt-to-equity ratios, dividend yields, etc.

One way to learn about the stock market and get some ideas on the best company to invest your money is to join Capitalist Exploits. The newsletter is provided by professional money managers who track trends and capital flows to establish where the true value lies.

How to Start a Blog or Niche Website And Make Money

In 2021, due to lockdowns and mandates, more people than ever before began to look for ways to earn money working from home. In particular, many looked at blogging as an online business. The problem though, was that many of them didn’t really know how to make money from a blog. So just how can it be done?

Keep reading and I’ll go through 3 steps that you need to take to become an online blogger.

First, you need to find the right niche to work in. You need to find a “hungry market,” people who are looking for information to read and looking for products to buy.

It also needs to be a niche that you’re interested in because you’ll be writing a lot of blog posts about it.

Once you know what you’ll be blogging about, you then need to create a blog. This is simple to do using all the blogging software available. You can even set up a blog for free through platforms such as Google’s own Blogger service. Blogger has been around for years and is used by many successful bloggers, including me.

Once you’ve set up your blog, fill it with useful content, products to sell, and onsite advertising for extra income. Some bloggers earn thousands this way, selling products online as affiliates, and earning money through PPC advertising.

Once you get enough pages set up, it’s time to market your blog to get as many visitors as possible. And if you have an email subscription box on your blog, you can stay in touch with all those who sign up.

Marketing can be paid for, or can be done for free through social media and article directories. When you’re first starting out, it’s better to use free marketing, although you can go ahead and pay for it if you want to and if you already have the funds. Personally, I’ve never paid for online advertising for any of my website and blogs. Perhaps I’m leaving money on the proverbial table by marketing this way, but my online success over the years has been good without it.

And that’s the 3 steps you need to take. Choose your niche, set up a blog, join an affiliate network to find products to promote, and market your blog in as many places as you can to get thousands visitors. Just make sure you’re marketing in the right places to get the right kind of visitors.

So what are you waiting for?

Get your own money-making blog set up and running today.

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