How to Manage Your Call Center Using the PEST Analysis?

PEST analysis means strictly the Political, Economics, Social, and Technical analysis, which can be applied perfectly at any time. The following paragraphs will explain this analysis.

Political Issue

During the operation of managing your Call Center, you can apply the political issue in most of your unique programs. You may need long inclusive enforced copyrights. Thus, for your Call Center to show its political awareness, it must direct its topics to the involved clients in your origin country, which may consider a powerful source of votes during elections.

As an example, your Call Center can lead a voter registration campaign debuts at its web site. It will show how to practice the political rights online. In the site, there may be online polls, to give the users the chance to vote on some basic topics of the present days. Introducing an ad to encourage audience to vote in election will be great too.

Economical Issue

Applying the economical issue is very easy. From the beginning, you may wish to keep barriers to entry high. Thus, you can begin your entry to other markets. As an example, promoting your advertising online to be able to reach more customers in other countries will be great.

Understanding the economical elements, such as supply, demand, price, inflation, deflation, and marketing will be important. You must try to insert the existence of your Call Center into the frame of globalization.

Social Issue

Considering the social elements will be incredible. You may target to involve young people in good causes. Releasing a new web site to realize your aim will assist your management operation to great degrees. Hence, the new web site could provide young with a wide social place to get information and cooperate with others too. However, all categories of ages could recognize the basic social topics along with exchange their cultural issues, via your Call Center’s social web.

Technological issue

Following the latest technology must be provided as well.

For your information, you can get strong digital rights management. Thus, when you continue to use this tool as a comprehensive framework, you can guarantee the success of your Call Center’s management target.

You may be in a necessity for an automated system. Therefore, you can keep trace of your huge advertising sales from many proposals via scheduling and invoicing. On the other hand, you may desire to decrease the time-consuming and error-prone processes of manually entering and reconciling advertising schedules of your Call Center as well. Of course, this could provide a seamless workflow for your sales and scheduling staff.

Through the operation of management of any Call Center, you must aware how to select well your items of PEST analysis. Providing your employees with more training is advised in all times.

Benefits of Opening a Google AdWords My Client Center

For those that have run an AdWords account in the past for their own websites, the mention of a separate, more advanced account for those who work as consultants might seem a little foreign. But it is important to find out more about Google’s “My Client Center” as it is a vital part of the process required to take the AdWords Professional Exam and become certified by Google.

My Client Center is essentially the tool that Google provides to advanced AdWords users who currently manage more than one account at a time. It allows larger advertisers who either run multiple accounts for their own business or who work as consultants for multiple companies to keep track of every AdWords account they have open from one simple interface.

It is an ideal tool for search engine marketers and optimizers, as well as bidding managers who only keep track of advertising accounts. Think of it as a master program that compiles all of the data from every one of your AdWords accounts to speed up the process of going through each of them.

Within the My Client Center interface, you can do multiple things. You can view and work within multiple accounts, even other My Client Center accounts, directly through the interface you are provided. Additionally, you can run reports for a single account or for all of your accounts, across the board with the My Client Center report feature. You can assign a single login name for your account and quickly and easily create new AdWords accounts or link existing accounts together through this interface.

Your regular AdWords interface will still work as well when you start a My Client Center account if you only need to access one account at a time, but with so many integrated features at your finger tips it is rare you will ever need to do so.

It is important, even if you do not currently need a My Client Center account, to both understand what it is for and how it operates. You will be tested on it and need to have an operational account when you try to get your Google AdWords certification. Additionally, you will be permitted minimal leniency on questions regarding this part of AdWords. The interface, how it works with each account, how you start a new account, and how you can communicate with clients or profiles through it are all important aspects that you will need to know.

For anyone that has multiple AdWords accounts or who has thought about considering the starting a career in AdWords consultation, it is vital that you start your My Client Center profile right away. You will need to acclimate yourself with the features, how to use it, and what you will be required to do when you want to perform a specific function now instead of trying to figure it out later when a client’s livelihood relies on it, and in turn your own livelihood.

The Philippine Call Center Phenomenon

A curious sight has started appearing in the business districts of the Philippines: yuppies-coffee cup in one hand and a cigarette in another-hanging around the entrance of a building late at night or very early in the morning. The nocturnal office workers are call center employees, and seeing them taking coffee breaks during ungodly hours are bound to be more common.

Over the past few years, the emergence of numerous foreign- and locally-owned call centers in the country has made the contact center industry one of the most important segments of the Philippine economy. Aside from creating thousands of well-paying jobs for Filipinos, the call center industry also contributed 10% of the country’s gross domestic product.

But what is truly phenomenal is the speed by which the industry has grown.

In 2000, there were just four call centers in the country. By 2005, it has grown to include 105 inbound and outbound contact centers. Along with India and China, the Philippines is now considered as one of the world’s key players in offshore call center outsourcing.

The Philippine Board of Investors also reports that the industry has grown at a steady rate of 100% every year since 2001. Insiders attribute the extraordinary growth of call centers in the country to many factors.

First and foremost to the fact that many companies (particularly in the U.S.), choosing to streamline and focus on their core-competencies, have started outsourcing to countries like the Philippines where the cost of labor is considerably lower.

Conditions in the country are also very conducive to the growth of the call center industry. The Philippines has a large number of competent, English-speaking workforce (about 3 million Filipinos graduate from college each year) that can easily fulfill the needs of the contact center industry.

Another reason for the rapid growth of the call center industry in the Philippines is the fact that for many companies who outsource, Filipinos provide better service, especially when it comes to customer support, than their Indian or Chinese counterparts. So while labor costs in the Philippines are higher than in India, many companies still choose to outsource to the country because of the high-quality output and service Filipinos provide.

The 50 years the Philippines spent as a US colony and its penchant for Hollywood and most things American also contribute to the boom of the Philippine call center industry. Filipinos, the industry insider explains, are very familiar with what’s happening in the US, their culture and slang. This makes us better-equipped to understand their cultural nuances than Indian or Chinese call center agents.

The fact that the country has stable and reliable infrastructure in place is another reason why foreign companies are outsourcing some of their services to the Philippines.


Experts note that the Philippine BPO industry’s growth is bound to continue as many firms in the country are already expanding by offering more high-value services. Expressing their confidence, key players are targeting to take 5% of the $180 billion the global call center industry is expected to generate in 2010, and sustain the industry’s rise. Visit this site for more information on call centers and their services.

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