Success in Enagic – 3 Steps to Having a Successful Enagic Business

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Since 1974, Enagic has specialized in providing in-home, alkaline water ionization technologies. While they may be using the most modern technology to purify water, they still rely on the traditional “friends and family” methods of marketing.

If you are seriously looking to establish a profitable Enagic business, you will need to incorporate the following 3 steps below into your marketing campaign.

1. Know Your Customers, Your Products, and the Competition:

On one hand your target market is every living (carbon based) creature on earth, and your product, clean water, is an essential part of the existence of those creatures. On the other hand, man’s search for clean water is perhaps as old as man himself.

Your competition will come from, in part, the technology that has enabled us to “bottle up” clean water and merchandise it on the shelves of almost every supermarket and convince stores in your neighborhood.

2. Position Yourself on the Web, not your Product:

Now that you have identified with the “necessity of man”, you will need to be the expert on all the unsafe water supplies that are furnishing water to the masses of people in the US, as well as around the world. Nothing may be as important as those US Geological reports of the number of contaminated wells in the US; what medical effect that are having on (especially) the children, and the (lack of) efforts to “clean up the mess”

You may also want facts and figures on the health costs associated with “bad” water, and also the landfill costs associated with those “disposable plastic bottles”, as well as the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch”

Having massive amounts of good, up to data on the real costs of having pure water, will be the best ally you have in this marketplace. Your web site needs to give your prospect a sample of this data, and then provide a free report outlining your findings and results.

Remember you are position yourself as the expert, and people will be looking to you for answers.

3. Leave the Business Opportunity Behind

As you find people that are truly concerned, the best way for you to “kill the deal” is to start off talking about your business opportunity. These people don’t care about your business; their thoughts are with staying alive. Don’t cloud this issue… stay on course and show them how to “protect” their lives with clean, safe water.

After that bond has been created, you may be asked about “what you get out of this deal”? Now you can take out that business card, as they may be ready to get a “piece of the action” for themselves.

Successful Enagic marketers have people asking to join their business… how many people have asked you today?

In Conclusion:

These 3 steps seem very simple, yet (especially with the web site) they do require some skills you do not currently have. Being a professional, you need to reach out to other professionals for help.

Many Network Marketing Training companies specialize in teaching the mechanics of network marketing and the psychology of network marketing. You will need to have a full understanding of these, especially in developing that web site. You may even ask (your company) for help in producing that web site.

If you will follow these 3 simple steps (and forget about the local “computer whiz” when it comes to the web), a very profitable Enagic business can be in your future.

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