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Have you ever heard of Michael Arrington, the founder and co-editor of TechCrunch, called it the YouTube of PowerPoint. People would like to view, upload and share views and comment of PowerPoint and PDF, just like they do on YouTube.

PowerPoint is a good way to explain your new ideas, you can visualize the concept easily slides by slides. You can easily share your wisdom worldwide on SlideShare, and you can also find some fabulous stories on Many of the most views and hot downloaded slides are innovative.

Sharing your own work to over 25 million monthly visitors

Sharing your masterpiece on SlideShare is just like uploading a clip on YouTube. People would leave a comment, pick your slides as favorite, and you can even embed your slides to the blogs and websites.

How to get started? Just sign up and then you can upload many dozens of supported formats, like PDF, PPT, docs.

No one would be interested in a boring slide, so innovation, creativity and brilliance are important. Many PowerPoint tutorials teach you to make your PowerPoint simple and clear, but not on Ideas, Images, background are extremely essential. You can design your slide like a magazine. A colorful or meaningful slide will gain the attention of the visitors.

There are some rules you should know about.

1. Idea – no matter what, idea is the most important factors to a good slide. SlideShare users are highly educated, more that 62% hold a college degree and 19% have a Masters or PhD. And over 50% are managers, directors and other business decision makers. If you idea is not brilliant, it won’t be popular.

2. Text – make it big and keep it simple. If you want to public your novel, SlideShare will not be a good place. It is more about visualization of your mind, idea or concept. So sometimes just keywords would be enough. But since not everyone would switch to full screen mode to view your slide. Making the font big is important. Of course, some special and interesting font will make your slide more attractive.

3. Photo – choose the best one to explain your subject. The best is, the visitors can understand what you are talking about at the first glance of your picture. Or the picture is tightly related to your point. Of course, you can find a lot of pictures from the Internet.

4. The first page – the first page of your slides is extremely important. When visitors browse The only information they can know about is the thumbnail of your first page and the title of your slide. The first page is the cover, so, remember to decorate your first page and optimize your title.

Follow the rules above, you can also make a popular slideshow. You can also share your slides on LinkedIn with the app. Just log in your account, go to profile, then click ‘add application’, then you can share your slides with your LinkedIn connections.

Also, you can get many inspirations from others

What can you benefit from, a huge resource of excellent PowerPoint and PDF files? If you are going to present, maybe to your customers, or your students, or maybe your new plan to your boss, you need to prepare a good PowerPoint. A good PowerPoint is a good way to support a speech.

There are many categories on SlideShare, across finance, health, design, business and many templates. There must be some slides will inspire you and you can use the public resources directly, for example, beautiful template or some data from the excellent files. Many files are saved as PDF, you can easily convert PDF to PowerPoint with AnyBizSoft, then insert into your own presentation. It is very convenient for you to reuse the content or get the template from SlideShare. And if you found some PDF files from famous research institution, just convert them to PowerPoint and quote from them directly, that will make your presentation more convincing.

So, is not only a platform that you can share your idea, creativity, but also a database of PowerPoint material.

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