Return to India Jobs – What’s Hot, What’s Not?

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If you are an NRI and are browsing the internet, you will be surprised to find many placement agencies and websites which have sprung up in recent times offering their services in locating NRIs with the perfect jobs which commensurate with their present status in the USA. Many Indians in USA are logging on to these websites and are posting their resumes, hoping that they will land up with a lucrative job in any multinational company or corporate business house in India.

The Indian economy has begun to boom and many are waking up to this fact. India is making a slow but steady progress in her growth and many NRIs want to be a part of this growth and do not want to miss this opportunity.

It is not only sentimental reasons like being with aged parents and other close relatives that are attracting Non-resident Indians to return in search of Indian jobs. Many sectors are currently in need of trained professionals and experienced skill personnel that are luring these people to return to Indian jobs. The demand does not rest with only jobs in the technology sector but in other sectors like shipping, construction, health care, biotechnology, newspaper industry, specialty marketing and aerospace. Most of the jobs in these sectors are up for grabs for highly qualified and experienced personnel and Indians working in Indian companies in USA are finding these as a very attractive option.

Many of the websites catering to finding jobs for NRIs are enticing these people with lucrative benefits and perks like all expenses paid relocation, comfortable lifestyle, salaries on par with US currency, company accommodation and much more. The hot jobs that are luring many Indians in US are the white-collar jobs and managerial positions in financial institutions and investment banking sectors. The hot jobs, which are being filled, are the middle and senior management levels in the different corporates and companies.

Many western and European business houses that are keen to set up their businesses in India are looking for expatriates who are willing to take up responsible senior positions to manage their business in India. With their expertise in work knowledge and exposure to international trade practices, these Indians are an asset to these foreign companies.

With the merchant banking and investment banking sectors emerging as two of the hot spots that are offering lucrative Indian jobs [] opportunities to these NRIs, there are jobs in the technology field which are not so hot and attractive any more to the returning Indians. Most NRIs returning to India are looking for jobs in the managerial levels. It is these jobs that are very attractive with all their perks and pay structure. The Indian IT industry is already up to the brim with talented workforce from the local population, but it is the other sectors like banking and investment, construction and health care that are offering some of the hottest jobs to these Indians from USA. If you are working with an Indian company in the US and are currently looking for jobs in India, you know where to look.

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