Rabbit Farming Basics Every Rabbit Farming Entrepreneur Should Know

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It is no wonder rabbit farming is becoming an attractive prospect for budding entrepreneurs! It is one of the very few livestock businesses that can be started on a small budget, and it is a growth industry. However, while there are plenty of benefits to farming with rabbits, there are also a few things you should know before you decide that it is the business for you.

First, there is the investment you will need to make. Initially, this can be as low as $5000, and most small-scale commercial rabbit farmers see a return of up to fifty percent on that in one year. However, you will also have to put in a lot of time and effort to make sure that your management is sound, that your rabbit breeding schedule works, and a lot more, so there’s also a lot of sweat equity that goes into a successful rabbit production venture!

Next, you will want to do your research about rabbit breeds, and rabbits in general. Breeds vary greatly from one to the next, and there are some, like angora’s, that are bred and farmed for their wool, while others are bred for the rabbit products of fur and meat. Choosing the right breed for your type of farming, as well as your environment, will make a big different to the success of your rabbit farming venture.

Your next concern will be to look into local legislation. This can differ greatly from country to country, and even from area to area within a particular country. If you live in an urban or semi urban area, then there is a good chance you will need special zoning or permits in order to start your rabbitry, so make sure you find that out before you start investing your money in the venture.

Finally, there is management. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with as much as you possibly can about breeding and farming with rabbits before you buy your first rabbits. From how to construct cages, to when and how cleaning should take place, to health requirements, breeding issues and rabbit feed, there’s a lot to learn about rabbits, and it’s a lot cheaper if you know what you’re getting yourself into first!

The truth is, rabbit farming can be a lucrative and profitable small business, if you do your research first. Just make sure that before you take the plunge into rabbit farming, you do that research, and you should be just fine.

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