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Have you ever ‘failed’ at Network Marketing, or any kind of home business? I admit that I have. I ended up sinking close to $10,000 into Herbalife…about half of that was getting started and buying $4000 worth of products for a ‘Supervisor’ order…and the rest, my coaches/upline dragooned me into buying into their ridiculously-overpriced advertising coop ($500 buy-in gets you 5 leads, and you were supposed to buy 3 or more of these ‘wheel slots’!).

I might have had about $5000 in income come in…but I spent countless hours calling my overpriced leads, calling my downline’s overpriced leads, and training my downline, most of whom disappeared because they weren’t making any money.

So you need not feel embarrassed in my company, if you have ever been unsuccessful in network marketing.

What Does it Take to Achieve Success With My Internet Business?

The financial fiasco with Herbalife taught me that although there IS a ton of money to be made with internet business, I needed to find the RIGHT business opportunity, and more importantly, the right Mentoring Group within that business to join.

A preliminary Google search revealed the Top-Tier Internet Businesses. Darren Gaudry’s Passport to Wealth caught my attention immediately because of the products, which included a comprehensive suite of internet marketing software and resources, and the compensation plan: it is an Australian ‘2-up’ plan, which means each new member you sign up will ‘pass up’ their first two sales to you, their sponsor. Their third sale, they keep 100% of the $997 profit.

Meanwhile, the two sales they passed up to you? Guess what…they both will pass up their first two sales to you too!! Do you see what I mean, about how you could just make a few sales yourself and still have lots of money flooding in?

Thus I began to do some serious research into Passport to Wealth…I was NOT about to get scammed again. Well, technically I didn’t get scammed by Herbalife…it IS an amazing product, but I did feel that my mentors ripped me off by selling me $4500 in ‘wheel slots’ that cost $500 a piece for a lousy 5 leads, who were little better than flipping through the phone book. Seriously, I had leads who thought they were applying for a job at a doctor’s office…

So I searched every work-at-home forum and ranking site that I could find for details about Passport to Wealth. I was looking with a critical eye, for some little piece of negativity that would dissuade me from spending $997 to join.

I didn’t find it. Instead, I found some incredible testimonials from real people who had been taught how to Earn Money Online by the Passport Mentors4U team.

I will now share with you the pros and cons of the Passport to Wealth business opportunity. Let’s start with the cons.

Passport to Wealth Cons

a) $997 to invest –Although this isn’t so much of a barrier now, with the $600-$1200 tax rebates on the way as a result of the Economic Stimulus Plan, in the past this investment requirement could make it difficult for many aspiring entrepreneurs.

b) 2 Sales to Qualify –With Passport to Wealth, you pass-up your first two sales to your sponsor. Although this isn’t actually a ‘cash’ expense, that is still $2000 that you are passing up to get qualified. Of course, if you can get two sales, you can get more…it’s not the money itself that has the value, but the skills that you gained in the PROCESS of getting those first two sales.

Passport to Wealth Pros

a) No Phone Calling Required Coming from Herbalife, where the modus operandi is to ‘Call your leads 3-4 times per day’, it is SUCH a relief that I don’t have to talk to people on the phone anymore. You can either have Professional Sales Associates (PSAs) call your prospects for you (for a commission on the sale), or if you join the Passport Mentors4U Team, the leaders call your prospects for you for FREE, as a service to members.

b) You have an automated system which will sort, educate and close your prospects WITHOUT you…you just have to fill your marketing ‘funnel’ by driving traffic to your website, and the system will have sales dropping out the other end. This works through a Lead Capture page, where prospects leave their details and go on to view the 14-minute Passport to Wealth video presentation, and then receive a series of educational autoresponder emails that also include free gifts and digital products to help your prospect make the decision to start the business.

c) The compensation plan is structured such that once you are qualified, each sale puts $997 in your pocket right away . If your downline is serious and motivated to Earn Money Online, they will succeed and pass up their first two sales to you, for another $2000 of pure profit for you. If your downline are bums and don’t do anything or follow the instructions, then you still made $997! This solves the problem of spending countless hours trying to train your downline in the hopes that someday they will make sales and recover your advertising costs that you spent to recruit them!

d) Free Trial You can actually sign up for a free trial with Passport to Wealth and see the back office, access some of the products and software, and kick the tires so you really *know* what you are getting yourself into! Most of the other top-tier Internet Businesses wouldn’t even TELL you about the details or the products unless you first paid an application fee!

So, there are the pros and cons of the Passport to Wealth business opportunity itself…and although that might SOUND excellent, I tell you that it is still not enough. I had learned the hard way from Herbalife that even more important than WHAT business opportunity you join is WHO you join with!

It doesn’t do you any good to have a powerful automated marketing system that can make sales while you sleep…if you don’t know how to get interested prospects to your website!

So after diligently researching the business, I began researching the Passport to Wealth mentoring teams with equal diligence. I continued to dig, Google Search, and investigate. I felt that I had learned very little in terms of network marketing from Herbalife, so this time I was going to choose which team I joined. I interviewed three potential sponsors, from the Passport Mentors4U Team and the Passport Gold Team.

The Passport Gold Team seemed to have LOTS of help for new people…but only until they made their first two sales. After that, you were removed from the rotator and on your own for marketing. This sounded like the exact OPPOSITE of what I wanted…I didn’t want anyone making my first two sales for me and then leaving me, because it was the SKILLS to create the first two sales that I needed, not the sales themselves!

The Mentors4U team, lead by Megan Vaillancourt and Stephanie Sammour, built their business around that exact principle. These two stay-at-home moms make incomes that make my own executive salary from my day job seem like chump-change.

The Passport Mentors4U build you a lead capture page free of charge, complete with killer ad copy and integration into an autoresponder that sends out a series of educational emails complete with the occasional free gift to your prospects.

These sales letters do the sorting and educating for you, and when the prospect is ready to hear more, the Mentors call them FOR you and close the sale!

Since I joined Passport to Wealth 2 weeks ago, under the Mentors4U team, I have learned the fine internet marketing arts of Blogging, Article Marketing, Press Releases, Squidoo, Ezines, Craigslist, and more. I don’t want to brag or make silly claims of my income, but to give you an idea, go to Google and type in ‘MyInternetBusiness’, and click on the ‘Groundbreaking News…’ ad (right now it is number three on page 1). Imagine…two weeks into this business and my site is already on the FIRST PAGE of Google!

I’ll leave it to the reader to determine the kind of business that is generating for me now…and the kind of business that could generate for you, too, but only if you join with the RIGHT MENTORING TEAM.

So, in summary, Passport to Wealth , and the Mentors4U Team in particular, is definitely NOT a scam, and is in fact an incredible internet business opportunity where you can make $997 per month, or per week, or even per DAY once you get your search engine rankings high enough! To learn more, you may visit the link in the resource box below.

I hope this review has been helpful and informative, and like yourself I am looking forward to a bright future with My Internet Business!

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