Party Planning Business – How to Start?

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If you are asking yourself what is in it for me there are many things to consider about starting a party planning business. Are you the one people always come to when they want a party planned? Do you always have ideas about parties, and think about how much better a party that you attend could be if you had planned it? If you have had any of these things happen to you, maybe a career in party planning could be right up your alley.

The first place you should start in the party planning business is finding the niche that is right for you. If you are always being called upon to supply food, then maybe you should look into a catering business of some kind. Start with things that you are good at, like making appetizers, or main dishes. While this field can be quite demanding, it pays really well, and there are many people and businesses that can use a good caterer.

While you don’t really have to have any real formal training for the party planning business, you should at least have a high school diploma, and it is a good idea to take some courses. There are many duties that a party planner has to cover. You have to be able to talk well on the phone, deal patiently with customers, even if they are rude and obnoxious to you. You have to be able to book space for the party, get caterers, and an assortment of other things. You have to be able to be really detailed, and look ahead to unforeseen circumstances, like if the caterer backs out at the last minute, or the entertainment you booked doesn’t show up.

You don’t have to actually start a party planning business yourself, there are many different venues to choose from. You could work for a hotel or restaurant, or some other company. You can also start small, planning parties for friends and family, to see if this is really the right choice for you. This also gets you some real hands on experience, and is something you can add to your resume when seeking bigger planning jobs.

So if you feel that a career in the party planning business is right for you, then there are many resources to help you. You can go to websites like Party 411; they have an abundance of tips and information that are free. If you look up EzineArticles, they have an abundance of topics about all aspects of party planning, from tips on foods to serve, to step-by-step instructions on what you need to do to start your own business. If you do decide this is a right step for you, and you are really considering starting your own business, then you should go to your local city building and get a business license.

One of the reasons for doing this is that with a party planning business license, you can get a wholesale tax identification number. This way any supplies that you need to buy are at wholesale prices, and there are no taxes on what you buy. A business license also protects you, and businesses who need party planners hire more people with a license than those who don’t.

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