Numbers Play a Significant Role in Every Man’s Life

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Numerology is the branch of knowledge that studies the occult significance of numbers. Numbers play an important role in a person’s life as creation itself, can be explained in mathematical terms. When you make a conscious effort to look around you, you will notice that numbers appear everywhere around you; be it nature, music, art, architecture etc. Everything is based on numbers as codes for you to discover.

There are the ten most important figures in math, of which all the larger numbers are made. Numerology is based on these magical figure. The single digit are the building blocks of numerology and each number gives out its own particular energy in a magical way. The numerology bridges our spiritual world with the visible, touchable world.

Numerology can be applied to understand all aspects of our individual existence; right from our personality to our love life, career or business, health, family life, relationships, to our spirituality and even leisurely activities.

Of all the numerology, our ‘Life Path Number’ and our ‘Destiny Number’, are the most important. Your Life Path number will give you an indication of your life’s purpose and warn you about the challenges and obstacles that may come your way. Your destiny number symbolises the opportunities you have at your disposal. While the life path number is calculated using the date, month and year of your birth, the destiny figure is calculated using the numbers assigned to the letters of your full name.

Another numerology number, the ‘Soul Number’, reveals about what you want to be and do in your life. This is calculated by adding the numbers of the vowels in your name. Some numerologists total the life path number and the destiny number, to arrive at another important number called the ‘Maturity Number’.

For a native to have a successful life, these four numerology should match and be in harmony with each other. Since you cannot control your life path number, the destiny number can be adjusted to the life path number and thus the soul number and maturity number can get adjusted to achieve the correct harmony. It is not that one number is better than the other. Each number has a personality of its own and has its strong points and its weaknesses. But when these figure are in harmony with each other, life moves smoothly for the native.

Numerology can be used for guidance in almost every sphere of life. For example, it can be used to check compatibility between two people. Numerologists can help see if the numerology number of the two people in a relationship complement each other or not, if they can help each other understand themselves better.

Similarly, numerology can help one decide which days are better to sign contracts, make new investments, start a new project and even determine if the people you hire will relate well with you or not.

You can use numerology to see which number plate on your vehicle can bring you luck and so on.

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