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Network marketing blog–the best move you could possibly make in your network marketing career. We as network marketers must have a blog. It will personally brand you like you never thought possible, and you probably know by now that branding is key. Me having and network marketing blog at this point my career cannot put into words how it has changed my marketing, leads,and branding. and bank account.

Your blog is nothing more than a diary, and you treat your diary with care. As your visitors visit your blog you must have strong content to keep your prospect coming back to learn more tips and tricks to better there network marketing business. The way I market with my blog is I make my blog my central sales funnel for all my content I ever put out I want Google, Yahoo and MSN to notice were this piece of content came from.

Every article I write and video I make is posted on my blog first. Google loves blogs and ranks them very high in the search engines. “Pings are the reason why” check this out,every time you make a new post on your blog the pings signals the search engines a say hey he or she has a new blog post,and once that happens Google indexes your content immediately.

The importance of network marketing blogs are your content. You want your prospects to be able to rely on your blog to run there business successfully.You know when you can help a person with there problems you not only become a professional but people tend to trust your more,now that is the key to network marketing building relationships. However once you gain a person trust they are easily to be recruited in to any opportunity you are in. That’s how you will get the unique visitors which are the people who depend on your content to spreed through their circle of influence. There will be many times where you are receiving leads from your blog flowing in like a waterfall full of water and you will create more leads than you have time, that’s a good thing.

When it comes to network marketing blogs all MLM leaders need a blog people loves blog and most importantly Google loves blogs. There is a lot of money to be made by blogs we have to create good content and show the followers of our blog we can show them the right way to build a massive downline using online strategies to brand your self 24 hours a day and in the process help people build there business.

As your following starts to grow you will notice that you will create content and, start interesting conversations with other viewers on your blog. Then your Network marketing blog will become a sort of active community of MLM as a place to hang out for content and active debates. One thing I know for sure every top earner in this industry has a network marketing blog now its your turn.

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