Naming a Business – Ideas to Be Creative

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Naming a business is more than just a title or description of your business, it is the initial representation of what you produce/supply/offer. So, with this in mind, you’ll want to name your business something memorable / catchy / funny / unusual.

What are your options when naming a business?

Your first and easiest option would be to pay a specialist branding company to come up with a name for you. This may or may not be the perfect name for your business, but I can tell you it will certainly be expensive!

Second option would be to throw some names around between friends and family and pick the one that seems to stand out the most. This is a very hit and miss option and you are relying on people who may not be the most objective.

The third option (and in my opinion the best) would be to do some serious targeted research on the internet and find out exactly what people on the internet search for. If people are searching for specific words/terms, then surely it would make sense to adopt those words when naming a business.

I use a free tool from Google called the ‘Keyword Selector Tool’. It allows you to put in your main keyword or phrase, and it will then generate a list of keywords that are directly related.

The best way to use the tool is to try and look for synonyms (similar words that mean the same) for your keyword. e.g. ‘Dog’/’Canine’.

Make a list of as many words as you can and put them into a text document. You can then add/mix/sort all the keywords until you come up with a great business name.

The keyword selector tool will also tell you how many times per month that word or phrase has been searched for (a great indicator of popularity). It’s obvious that the more times the keyword is searched for, the public must relate more to that keyword than others.

Now is the time to ask family and friends their opinion. Now the real research has been done and naming a business is not just a stab in the dark.

Once you have decided on a few names, then you need to go and see if they have already been taken. If not, get it registered as soon as possible and then get yourself a domain name. Even if you have no intention of using the internet for promotion just yet, don’t dismiss it out of hand, the way things are going, the internet will be an important part of many businesses in the future.

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