Mobile Marketing Trends 2011: Simple Mobile Marketing Ideas for This Year and Onwards

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With today’s advancements in technology and the growing popularity of smart devices, the mobile marketing trends of 2011 are more likely to focus on smart phones and the integration of online marketing with mobile SMS marketing strategies. Smartphone marketing is all about the promotion and advertisement of products or services via a platform that can efficiently convert mobile SMS into a high conversion marketing resource. Although this is a fairly new concept in the business sector, it already has a huge potential for success, thanks to its simplicity. Plus, it is very effective at delivering messages to a specific target audience.

Becoming more and more popular among business owners and marketers alike, mobile SMS marketing and promotion is an effective tool that any business can use in promoting their products and services, and increasing their brand awareness in the market. Although relatively new and untapped, smartphone marketing provides a very broad definition. However, it can be broken down into several categories, depending on the focus of the mobile promotion method. As of today, the focus of mobile marketing trends is mostly on SMS marketing.

SMS are relatively cost-effective and offer several benefits aside from directly promoting your products or services to your business’s specific market niche. Plus, when it comes to bulk messaging, marketers have a lot to gain. After all, with such a low-cost operation, they can instantly interact with larger audiences – possibly millions of them – all at once.

Mobile marketing trends are currently focusing on the emergence of low-cost smart phones in the market that will allow consumers to have a more diverse method of communication. Since messaging can be mixed with Internet browsing now, as well, marketers can now easily combine the power of SMS marketing with that of the Internet to create an even more powerful marketing method.

Plus, since monochromatic four-liner phones have become obsolete and replaced with wireless-ready smart phones with package applications, mobile marketing becomes even more interesting and challenging. The only thing marketers need to focus on now is to learn new ways of accessing this marketing source and take advantage of the relatively low competition associated therewith at the moment.

Using special applications and programs for smartphone marketing is one way to gain advantage among other marketeers in the field today. So, with the right tools, it is completely possible to tap into the largest resource of potential clients since targeting the right market niche is what mobile marketing is all about.

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