MLM Network Marketing Lead Generation Systems – Are They Effective Business Tools?

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So, you’ve decided to pursue an MLM business opportunity. What is the first step in getting a new venture off the ground? Although this choice made perfect sense to you, why doesn’t it seem to make sense to your friends and family? Even after they went to a meeting with you and listened to the company sales pitch? Home-based business, and in particular, network marketing is now a $110 Billion industry, after all! Believe it or not there is no deficiency of prospects for your business. If this is true, why don’t you know any of them? So you’re tempted to give up and become part of a statistical 95% who “fail” in business. Your sponsor has told you to talk to people in the supermarket and at the gas pump? Isn’t there a more informed way to find interested people, or better yet, have them seek you out?

What many are finding is that Internet marketing tools can be used to advertise their opportunity through “attraction marketing” and to generate MLM network marketing business leads. In most MLM companies there are certain associates who have discovered a way to leverage the Internet, but few who have their own marketing system, by which leads are coming to them. Due to the high cost of Internet marketing, most rely on the marketing expertise of others, who generate MLM leads, usually via Internet marketing systems, and then make these these leads available for sale. Using leads from a “Leads Company,” can be very effective, but involves the price tag of up to $10-15 per lead and still takes a lot of work since each individual “lead” has to be called and informed about the specifics of your business.

The quality of these “leads” can vary significantly and many get “over-exposed,” receiving calls from numerous distributors, since the “Leads Companies” sell each name up to 30 times. And what about the new FTC rules? But the biggest problem is that unless you generated the lead yourself, it’s still up to you to make the contact. Wouldn’t it be better if the prospect saw your advertisement and contacted you about it?

One thing that is seldom taught by leading MLM companies is how to market, and more specifically, the discipline of Internet marketing. Realizing the need, several companies founded by successful Internet marketers now have developed turn-key MLM marketing systems designed to automate the MLM lead generation process using proven Internet tools.

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