Martial Arts Marketing for The Back to School Season

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Making the most of the back to school season to grow your martial arts business is critically important.

Here a few Martial Arts Marketing ideas…

1- Get your school some publicity it can be amazing for your reputation.

Back to school time is a perfect chance for to get some media coverage for your defeat the bully workshops.

Newspapers and TV Morning News Shows are open to your suggestions for a good story.

2- Get in with teachers and principles by being relevant.

We’ve found the “Goal Setting for Good Grades” talk really strikes a nerve during this time.

In the beginning of the school year teachers are receptive to anything that will help “ensure a successful school year for their students.”

3- Call, email and direct mail those old leads.

Most Martial Arts Business owners have of leads sitting there even if they don’t know it yet.

We all have prospects that have come in but for whatever reason did not join.

If you’ve been savvy about it– now’s the time to use some good email and direct mail marketing to those targeted lists.

You can also link your direct mail to Mobile Landing pages using QR Codes

4- Creative Events

We are looking to do something around “Do It” day to inspire our families and friends to take action on their goals.

We’ll also do something around “Women of Achievement Month.”

With special events you need to give them a “good reason” to attend and invite friends.

5- Adult Fitness

Targeted direct mail and savvy internet marketing to bring some adult members in is a must for back to school marketing.

Get out a piece of paper and let the ideas flow the more you do the more students you will get and better your martial arts business will be.

Once you list your ideas start right away on implementation. Some back to school marketing strategies will have long lead times. For example, if you want to work with a pre-school, daycare of after school program you need to contact the director at least a month in advance of when you want to teach a class for them.

The sooner you put your plan in motion, the sooner you’ll begin to see students come in to your school.

The key is to spend a little time each day planning your marketing. That’s what the most successful Martial Arts Business owners do.

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