Make Money Online For Free – The Beginner’s Guide Everyone Should Read!

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Put away your credit card, do not open your PayPal account today because I’m here to tell you it is possible to make money online for FREE! In fact the simple truth is that there are so many ways to make money online for free that most of us spend months researching the opportunities and forget to actually take any action. Before you know it 3 months has gone by and all you’ve done is download loads of free pdf files which are basically re-hashes of each other, potentially leaving you more confused than you started.

So how do you make money online for free? The answer to that question, like so many others is of course Google. Google is like the Holy Grail – the answer to all our prayers. We go to Google with our questions and problems and we ask it to solve them. When we find a great solution, we are more than happy to pay for it. Over the years I have bought products for me like exercise programs and products for my business such as PR and marketing resources (I run a marketing agency as my day job.)

“This is not about making money online for free”, I hear you cry, “this is about buying stuff!” Correct but – to make money online for free you need paying customers. In every business deal you need a buyer and a seller. And what Google kindly does for you is provide you with an endless stream of customers, who are looking to buy what you are selling. You don’t need to go out and find your own customers, you just present your offering in the correct manner to Google and Google will do the rest.

To make money online for free you don’t need any products of your own to sell!

The key to making money online for free is to become an affiliate marketer. An affiliate is someone who makes a commission on the sale of a product. This a risk free way of getting your feet wet in internet marketing. Essentially what you will be selling is eBooks, videos, reports, programs, software, in fact anything that is downloadable. According to reports from the UK Publishers Association, the UK the share of digital sales accounted for by the consumer market for eBooks and downloads rose from 2% to 11% in 2010. This market is experiencing phenomenal growth at the moment and the beauty of this route to a new income is that it needn’t cost you a penny! Becoming an affiliate is easy (once you know how!). There are many companies already set up to help you do this. Simply type “affiliate program” into Google and you will get lots of results. I would advise visiting first for several reasons:

  1. They offer lots of training on how to get started and how to use their site
  2. Many of the best publishers use Clickbank to sell their products, giving you access to the best digital products available.
  3. Receiving payments from Clickbank is straightforward, they are very trustworthy and well established organisation so a great one for you to get involved with while you are still finding your feet.

So what have we learned today? That it is possible to make money online for free by tapping into the millions of potential buyers looking for solutions to their problems on Google. That even though we don’t personally have products to sell, we can become affiliate marketers and make a commission from selling other people’s products. Of course there’s more to it than that and in my next Beginner’s Guide I will be talking about article marketing for affiliates, which will enable you to find your buyers – for free naturally!

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