Make Bold Marketing Statements With Pull-Up Banners

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Today, business networking is a popular term in business communities. If you’re not attending at least one networking function a week to promote your company, it’s time you considered doing so. More and more small companies, in particular, are finding business networking to be an effective way to get their company known through word-of-mouth.

I’ve often been impressed by the degree of preparation that goes into such events. Typically, networking meetings will open with each attendee doing a 30 second elevator pitch, briefly presenting the products and services their company provides. Then, one or two business owners are called upon to present on a topic pertinent to the group, be it on Internet marketing or Google AdWords or sales conversions or different trends in the marketplace. This is then is promptly followed by a handing out of business cards. At this point, you’ll typically hear conversations turn practical: “My neighbour’s looking for his roof to be fixed, can one of your roofers give him a call”. “Our office manager needs to hire a temp, can Tom call her this week to set something up?”, as the attendees swap business leads.

Whether you are new to business networking or a seasoned veteran, you might consider investing in a Rollup Banner. If you haven’t heard of Rollup Banners until now, don’t be particularly surprised. Although they have been in existence for decades, it’s only in recent years that they have become the next-best-thing to the company PowerPoint presentation and website.

If you’re wondering what’s a banner, and more particularly what’s a rollup banner, that’s a valid question. It certainly leaves a doubt in a lot of people’s minds. A banner is like a canvas, used pretty much like a film screen to project the company’s image, vision and ethos. And once they have served their purpose, banners are folded or rolled-up into a neat compact size.

Rollup Banners a special breed of banners. They are banners which are retractable banners, meaning quite simply once you’ve shown your audience of potential clients the banner, it’s rolled up discretely. Think back to your school days when the geography teacher would show you places on a wall-hanging map. Rollup banners are pretty much the same concept.

What better way to jazz up your networking 30 second elevator pitch than to have a banner to show your audience? This would make what your business pitch much more memorable than if you were to hold up a business card, or even a flyer. It’s a common fact that the 30 second elevator pitch seldom appeals to the visually-oriented members of an audience because most presenters need more than 30 seconds simply to set up an overhead projector. The simple process of unclipping and setting up, effortlessly, a banner stand will get heads turning. And be forewarned, you’re as likely to get audience members coming up to you afterwards to ask you where you got your nifty banner stand, as you are likely to get business enquiries. And this is the ideal moment to hand out your business card and ask them to call you during the week.

Brand recognition comes with hearing and seeing the same business messages over and over. If every time you attend a networking event, you show the same banner, not only will you likely impress your audience with your dexterity, but you’ll start gaining a new following. One sure-fire technique to know if your sales projections are on target, or not, for the upcoming fiscal year, is to ask yourself how often you managed to get the company image into circulation. Image sells. Enquire about getting a company banner today.

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