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A little over 2 years ago, I clicked on a Google Ad that went something like this: “Tired of Cold-calling or Buying Leads?” with little idea of what I was about to find myself getting into.

(Now this next part I’m not saying as a sale pitch, I’m just simply giving you a run down of what I experienced with Magnetic Sponsoring).  I was sent directly to a Magnetic Sponsoring letter from an ad that Mike Dillard (the creator of Magnetic Sponsoring) had placed himself on Google AdWords.  I dove in, got the free 7 day video Boot camp, joined the newsletter, and after the video course was over, I purchased the Magnetic Sponsoring course for $37.  Since then, I’ve also bought Black Belt Recruiting, Building on a Budget, and PPC Domination.  But the one (so far) with the most impact on me was Magnetic Sponsoring.

I say “impact” because it introduced me to the concept of attraction marketing.  It seems so general in terms, but yet so very influential in scope. I had never heard about attraction marketing before Magnetic Sponsoring.  It was an eye opening course that put my mind into a different frame of thinking about how to run my MLM business. Further, it was a change for me personally to get to a positive frame of thinking not only in my business, but life in general.

The problem though is that I felt like I was missing something.  I felt like there was something that Dillard was holding back in the course that was vital to getting a system started.  Basically, I had more questions after reading Magnetic Sponsoring than before I started reading. I understood the concepts, the points, the actual theories that make up attraction marketing, and that I should implement them, but I wanted to know HOW.

Like how does someone set up their own system? How does someone build their status to be a leader or a mentor if they have NO leadership experience? Once you get a down line, how do you go about training them?

How in the world do you figure out what an auto-responder is and how do you make one work? It came down to one basic question – how do you use Magnetic Sponsoring to get you to financial freedom? So I set out on a quest to discover more to create more.

Look, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Magnetic Sponsoring… but I’ll be honest, before you spend any more money on Magnetic Sponsoring there are a few things you need to learn first. 

Such as how to use attraction marketing (a strategy overlooked by 97% of network marketers today) to make you the hunted instead of the hunter – so long as you follow the concepts!

The other would be how to generate tons of leads and sign up more customers and distributors without ever picking up the phone. How do you set up the web design and flow of your system if you have no internet experience?  Wouldn’t it be nice to know someone that could lead you by the hand to show you how YOU can get it done?

Or this one, how can you use technology and tools to reach prospects and build relationships with THOUSANDS of people all at once, with the push of a button?

What are the most effective marketing strategies, tools, and resources that you can use to generate hundreds of prospects and new prospects into your down line?

What is a marketing funnel and can you make it effective?

These are all things that Magnetic Sponsoring says you should accomplish, but it doesn’t explain actually HOW to do it.

It is why in my Magnetic Sponsoring reviews I tell people that Magnetic Sponsoring is an amazing resource for ANY network marketer.  It sets your mind to the right spot to believe in yourself, sets the groundwork for attraction marketing, and helps you to realize what it will take to succeed in this industry.

But if you want to learn how to build your business like the top producers, there is more you need to learn and implement to become successful in your MLM business.

So how does one go about that? 

Here is what my research has led me to – one of the best resources I’ve found out on the net for all of the above questions is Magnetic Sponsoring

Inside you can look to see how someone has used what Magnetic Sponsoring taught them.  One can learn how to set up their own system, develop and use the concepts of attraction marketing, help train other network marketers to do the same, and provided a tool that takes all of the Magnetic Sponsoring concepts and implements them into one working tangible system.

If you’re looking to see how someone actually takes the concepts of Magnetic Sponsoring and put them to work for them, is an excellent starting point for your research. Grab a pen and paper, a good cup of coffee, shut the door on the office for a few hours, and start gathering the information you should find to get you from a MLM salesman to a MLM mentor. It’s a matter of educating your mind each and every day to better yourself as a marketer and a leader.  Even if there is just ONE thing you learn, it should be well worth your time and effort, because in the long run, you’ll be that much more educated and that much more attractive to other MLM prospects.

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