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I recently came across an entrepreneur who was very interested in learning where

publicity and marketing strategy fit into the end result of more sales. His question

was very valid as many unintentionally confuse marketing and publicity with sales.

So what’s the difference? Publicity is all about the ”buzz’, the word that

gets out about you, your company, your cause, or the great work you do. It is about

getting the story out. Publicity backs up marketing and sales because it initiates

the whole process of converting the public to your way of thinking. It makes them

aware of who you are. Afterall, how is someone expected to purchase your services

if they do not even know you? Do not fall into the trap of going for the sale without

getting your name known first.

Publicity is just as much about getting your name known as it is about building

credibility. Human psychology states often enough that if others see value in an

idea, your prospects and prospect market will as well.

Marketing on the other hand, works on the presumption that your prospect market

is already aware of who you are. It takes an established and recognized brand one

step further to action for your prospect. Marketing effectively plays to an emotional

or sometimes logical reasoning of why the public should buy what you have to say.

Both of these concepts are essential yet unique in the eventual development of


In order to make your product/service or organization a household name, you need

to learn and master each phase effectively. Before going off to sell your services,

follow each of the steps in the inverted pyramid.

The inverted pyramid theory works on the premise that all sales or motivations take

place first with getting the word out. In other words, publicity. From there, marketing takes over. It is only once these considerations are in place that sales or

the actual ”closing” of a deal can occur.

Beginning with a strategy of how you wish to brand your organization through to

the publicity you need , all require individual efforts before people begin ‘knocking

down your door”.

Once your satisfied, give some serious thought to the marketing materials you’ll

want to use when people start asking for more information. And above all, never

stop reviewing and testing your brand.

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