Ingredients For Work at Home Mom Success

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Have you ever wondered why you aren’t doing as well at your work at home business as you originally envisioned you would? Have you ever wondered just what does it take? After 4 years in business as a work at home Mom I would love to share the ingredients I sifted together to answer your questions.

All too often Moms want all the answers handed to them all at once and fall prey to one experts advice. What is an expert anyway? My dictionary says skills and knowledge derived from training or experience. It does not say someone who knows everything, who will lead you into success for free and will never unintentionally lead you astray. The truth of the matter is, there is just to much information for anyone person to have it all and while experience aids us in making decisions concerning our business, just when you think you’ve learned all there is to know about a subject, things change. The same products weren’t sold in 1950 as they were in 1960 or will they be today. Times change, fashions change, technology changes, therefore business changes. I didn’t get my web sites to the top of the Google search engines from any one Internet “expert’s” advice. I got to the top of the search engines by using one piece of advice from many different Internet “experts”.

The #1 ingredient to work at home Mom success is research, research, and research some more!

All too often Moms think once they have their business all set up, the orders will start flowing in, their pockets will start filling up and it’s all smooth sailing from then on. Not true. When I had my 1st beautiful web site full of beautiful products, I soon realized my web site was no where to be found in the Google search engines and I wasn’t getting orders because of it. I knew I had to be listed on the 1st page of the Google search engine to get customers. I did research, I made changes, I monitored the results and the I did the same time and time again. Did every change I made work? No. Did some? Yes. Now both of my web site are on the 1st page of the Google search engine. I will continue to monitor my status and make changes if necessary.

The #2 ingredient to work at home Mom success is trial and error, trial and error, continuous trial and error!

All too often Moms believe they will work less hours with their own business than when going out of the home to work. Not true. Your own business requires more hours. Hours to learn, hours to apply what you learned, hours to actually provide your product or service, hours for accounting, the list goes on and on. However, there certainly are advantages of working from home. Being at home with small children or home when your children return from school, working the hours and days you prefer not your employers, no travel time, traffic, save money on gas, uniforms or expensive office clothes and more. Personally, I find having lunch at home with my 3 year old much more enjoyable then sitting in a business lunch room with an hours old sandwich!

The #3 ingredient to work at home Mom success is work, work harder and then work some more!

All too often Moms give up because they are not an overnight success. National statistics say it takes a new businesses 3-5 years to become profitable and most businesses close up shop before they have even worked at it for a full year.

The #4 ingredient to work at home Mom success is don’t give up!

Put it all together and what do we have, research, hard work, trial and error and don’t give up! I truly believe that God wants us to succeed. He simply asks us to plant the seeds of our business, harvest the grain that is available to our business, prepare the flour for our business, mix the dough in our business and bake the foundation of our business before we get to savor the bread of our business which is our success!

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