How To Get More MLM Prospects Using These 3 Hidden Tricks!

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Looking for more MLM prospects?

Well you’ve come to right place at the perfect time because I’m gonna share with you 3 different methods to find the best MLM prospects for your business.

You’re probably in a situation where you’ve ran out of MLM prospects to speak to. Probably you’ve talked to all of your close friends and family members and they’ve all told you NO. Or maybe a couple of them joined and then they quit shortly after.

Whatever the case is, YOU didn’t quit because you’re reading this article now so you’re definitely on the right track. Here are 3 techniques to find good prospects now:

3 Ways to Find Quality MLM Prospects!

1. Your Local Backyard- Let me ask you this. Would you rather deal with wining, skeptical, negative relatives and buddies? Or would you rather speak with motivated, open minded professionals?? I’ll take a wild guess and assume your answer is choice #2. Well the truth is there are plenty of high-quality professional prospects right in your very own backyard. People like realtors, financial planners, sales professionals, small business owners, brokers, hotel managers.

Theses are a handful of your best MLM prospects because they’re already used to working and earning money on their own production or leading a team. They’re just doing what MLMers do in a different setting. Many of the top income earners in the history of Multilevel marketing have those similar backgrounds. These are not people who are afraid of investing $300-700 dollars to sign up in your MLM deal. Go ahead and target them.

How can you do that?

There are lots of ways you can do this. One is you can grab people’s business cards on corkboards at any carwash or gas station, or any supermarket where there’s cork boards. Professionals ALWAYS leave their business cards there because they’re looking for more business & sales. Take those cards and call them. Simply ask them if they’re open to side a project if it didn’t interfere with what they’re currently doing. Also try to find “For Sale” signs on homes when you drive and jot down the names and numbers. A lot of those signs come from professional real estate brokers who are trying to sell that home or real estate and they could very well be suffering in this current economy. They’re very likely to be open and are great MLM prospects for your business.

Or just talk to the professionals you already know in your warm market. Just ask them if they’re open.

2. Attending Events- Some of your best MLM prospects go to events. Events like “millionaire mind”, Robert Kioyasaki events, self improvement growth, etc. A lot of these events are low-costs or even FREE to go to and you will find many people who are like-minded and at least attempting to make things happen in their lives. Get to know them and grab their business cards. DON’T GIVE THEM YOURS! Grab theirs and follow up with them shortly after. You can build that relationship with them and they could be SERIOUS MLM prospects for your business. Maybe not right away but soon in the future.

3. Attraction Marketing Online & Offline- This is TOP SECRET and a number of people usually aren’t taught these methods to generate HIGH QUALITY MLM Prospects! Reason is that it is not duplicable but if you learn this tactic, you’ll have your upline BEGGING YOU for your secrets!!! Plus, utilizing this strategy could help you make money even if NO ONE JOINS YOUR DEAL!!! When you learn to market, you pull people in. People come to YOU, instead of you running after them. That makes business building so much more fun and profitable.

So these are the 3 tips to help you find more quality MLM prospects for your business!

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