How to Get a Domain Name for an Internet Business Newbie?

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Getting a domain name is an important criterion to start an online business. In this article, I’m going to teach you: what is a domain name, how to get one and why do we need it.

First of all,

What is a domain name?

Whenever we visit a website like Google, the address “” is actually their domain name.

Can we get it for free?

Apparently not, if you are lucky, you might only need around $9 to $12 to register your own domain name for one year. You just have to find out where to get it. There are some websites which sell domain name. You can try to search for it on Google or Yahoo.

Why do we need it?

Your will need it to publish your own website, sales page or blog to sell your own product or affiliates product. NEVER use free sources for example, or as your business website. The owner of these websites might close down your website anytime without any notice. All your effort will be wash down the drain.

How do I name it?

You can name your domain name anyway you want, but it is better that you name it relevant to the field you are going into and it is better that your domain ends with a .com . For example, if you want to start an online business about losing weight, your keyword should be “lose weight”. Therefore, you can name your domain name like or or any other names which are similar.

Someone had bought the domain name that I have in mind, what to do now?

If you want the domain name that someone else had bought, you can actually buy from them, but at a more expensive price. Most people are not willing to pay for the price. So, you can change the keyword sequence or to some other related keywords like “slim down” or “burn fat”. If you cannot think of any words, you can check the thesaurus for more alternative words.

Now, I got my domain name, what to do now?

Now, you will have to find a web hosting to host your website. The cost can be quite high depending on the package you take. But what is web hosting? Web hosting is similar to a shop lot rental in real life. For example, when you are opening a McDonald franchise, you will need to buy a shop lot to open your McDonald. Same to opening a website, you need a web host to put your domain name on.

Now you got your domain name and web hosting now, the last step will be putting up HTML on your website. Finally, you can start your online business.

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