How to Drive Traffic to Your Site Using Newspapers

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This is an incredible way for generating low cost, high converting traffic to any website…

What I am about to reveal to you is something so little used and so effective that you are going to get extremely excited at the new possibilities for your business.

This isn’t anything to do with online advertising or some “new trend” that is going to crash and burn just a month or two after it comes out.

This has worked for years for the very few people who have used it and will continue to do so if you follow the simple system I am going to share with you.

The secret is advertising your website in newspapers all over the nation and directing them to your website to collect their e-mails.

I know, you’re probably thinking that’s an extremely simple breakdown but it’s the simplest explanation for what you’re going to learn today. You will discover all of the hidden secrets and steps you need to take to get the maximum return from your investment without any trial and error.

Newspaper advertising works like crazy if you know how to do it right and combining it with an online lead generation method makes it produce results that you never thought possible.

Think about it. There are only a few businesses advertising their online business in newspapers and if you take notice, you’ll see that it’s the same businesses doing it over and over again. If they are continually running that ad, you know that it is producing profits for them.

Another point to ponder is the fact that there is far less competition for the advertising than there is online because in this high technological age, many are forgetting about newspaper advertising and getting caught up trying to advertise online. This means that you can get better advertising at cheaper rates and with far less competition in front of those potential customers!

I’ve also found that you’re going to get prospects of much higher quality from a newspaper because they have to exert much more effort than your regular Internet visitor. You see a visitor sees your ad in an e-mail or on a web page and clicks the link and they are in front of your offer.

An offline lead has to read your ad in the paper, go to the computer, turn it on, load their web browser and type in your web address. Only after all that do they actually arrive at your offer. This means that they are putting much more time and effort into viewing your offer and will give it much more attention than just an ad they clicked on.

One thing you might not know about is that when an ad it in the newspaper, most people associate it with news and with being “official”. Anyone can go post an ad on a free message board online but if you are writing an ad, paying for it and submitting it to the newspaper, you have more credibility because you are a real person advertising in the paper, not someone hiding behind a keyboard.

I’m sure that you’re probably itching to get started with advertising your own online business or website in the newspaper so you can start seeing the financial rewards the few who know about this strategy are seeing.

Please take note that you need to read everything all the way through. There are specific steps that, if missed, could make your ad bomb miserably which will result in you losing money. Advertising your business in the paper has to be done a very specific way to be profitable which is another reason people don’t do it; they have tried and lost money.

Just by reading this system all the way through, you will know the bullet proof way to making the newspaper your most profitable advertising medium yet. The best part is that it’s easy, fast and doesn’t require a huge investment.

There is much more to this system than just putting an ad in the newspaper that says “Go To My Website

You need to know the best way to pull maximum eyes to your ad and even further, to get the maximum amount of them to actually visit your website. And after that, the job still isn’t done because you need to convince them to take action on your website whether it be making a purchase or giving you a way to follow-up with them. I prefer and recommend the latter.

Taking your online advertising offline and using newspapers for generating traffic is an incredibly effective way to finding highly targeted prospects that you wouldn’t normally have access to. This is literally an untapped barrel of prospects that you can grab and profit from.

A great benefit of advertising in newspapers is that very few people are using the newspaper to effectively promote their website which means that you have much more opportunity to make a sizeable profit. With less competition for the prospects you have a bigger share of the real estate in the newspaper pages.

You’re going to be grabbing the attention of people that aren’t at their computer so they aren’t in “point and click” mode, which means that your ad will get more attentive review. You of course need to catch the eyes of your visitors first so you can get them to your website.

Create The Ad

The first step in the process of creating loads of profits from advertising your website in newspapers is essential to your success.

What is this first step you might ask?

An effective, curiosity provoking advertisement that gets people reading the paper to take action and visit your website.

To clarify, we are going to be using short, concise classified advertisements to generate leads. Yes, you will learn about using space advertising and longer ads in a later section but this is where you need to start.

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