How My Vet Helped Me Find Hot New Products to Sell on eBay

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Today my vet mentioned the ‘F’ word ….. he’s foreign, Polish I think, and I’m not sure if the ‘F’ word is acceptable in his country ….. but it certainly is not acceptable in mine!

“Fat”, he said, “Your dog is too FAT. He needs to lose weight or he’ll DIE before his time.”

‘D’ along with the ‘F’ word made me sit up and take notice. “Lose the weight”, he said, “and he’ll be with you much longer.”

Enough said, immediately I got home I searched eBay, and ClickBank, for a report about helping your dog lose weight fast. I searched for ‘dog weight’ and ‘dog fat’ and I found ….. tons of huge bags of low calorie dog food and biscuits which I never give my dogs anyway, and absolutely ZILCH in the way of information to help me downsize my dog.

So I ended up searching Google for information about helping my mutt look more macho when the idea suddenly struck me – why don’t I turn all of this information from Google into a low cost information product to sell on eBay and ClickBank? Why not also promote my new infoproduct through eBay Classified Ads and grow a mailing list for products I can recommend later?

Oops, I forgot to say, I wasn’t the only person in the surgery to get a rollicking today, there were three of us with overweight mutts lined up for the exact same treatment …. which set me thinking ….. if three out of three people sitting in the surgery today need help of the kind proposed for my new product, just how many other people might also need it?

So I reckon I’ve found a fabulous new market, one that will help my dog, help other people’s dogs, and could possibly make a fortune for me!

The idea is to write a report and offer it for just a few dollars, and in the back of the report I’ll include affiliate links for other items to interest dog lovers, such as medicines, food and biscuits, holiday kennels, and so on. Think about it, if I sell just one eBook every day at $2 pure profit, that’s $600 plus per year, and that’s before we even start thinking about affiliate commissions.

What does this have to do with you? Well I just wanted to prove how easy it is to find a niche market with countless eager buyers and not one person providing for their needs, no one that I could find anyway!

The moral is to keep your eyes and ears open no matter where you are because ideas are all around you and just one idea is all it really takes to start a profitable business.

Apart from waiting for my vet to throw ideas at me, these are other methods I often use to locate some new niche market for my eBay business and other online ventures:

* Visit forums related to your chosen marketplace, such as dogs, but also including child care, marital problems, expatriate living, debt, and millions more. Find forums by searching Google for “xxx + forum” where xxx represents your chosen market or subject. So for forums frequented by chess players you might search for “chess + forum”.

Google usually returns the biggest and most active forums first on their listings, so note down the address of the first ten or so. Visit them in Google order and study postings by members and definitely, I don’t say maybe, I said definitely, you will encounter problems shared by many members. Study these problems and then look for free or low cost information products to help solve those problems. Look on eBay, look on ClickBank, other places too but those are enough to start with. If you find few or no suitable information products then you should consider writing your own or cobble one together from PLR and public domain text. If along with no suitable information products, you find physical products aplenty, these are the kind of products to promote as an affiliate inside your low-cost, no-cost reports.

* Study niche market publications on newsagents’ shelves, such as baby magazines and investment newspapers. Study various same subject publications that normally sit side by side on the newsagents’ shelves making studying them very easy indeed. Look at the headlines, notice if two or more publications feature one problem or theme which might be construed as applying to the entire niche marketplace. This indicates a problem or theme that you can profit from. So if, for example, you see two or more collectibles magazines focussing on one specific collectible, this could be the perfect product for you to sell on eBay. If two or more publications aimed at guitar players feature a new and revolutionary kind of guitar accessory, then this could be another perfect product for you.

* Watch the telly, listen to the radio, keep your eyes and ears open for problems and trends you might capitalise upon. Think about obesity and the belief that soon the majority of children will be morbidly FAT (that word again), then look for products to help parents reverse the trend.

Think about pension funds going belly up in line with firms going out of business and leaving lifelong employees facing a miserable old age. Now go to eBay, go to ClickBank, is there anything suitable for them to read to help grow their pension pot without outside help? No! Then that’s a perfect infoproduct for you to create, one with mountains of affiliate opportunities to promote on the back end. You could write a short report about alternative investments, for instance, or running a small business on eBay, suggesting both as a means of growing retirement income free from banks and employers. Just be sure to pack the product with links to Amazon books about making money on eBay and growing an affiliate investment portfolio and …..

….. oh I could go on for hours dreaming up new products to sell which would leave me with no time at all to actually promote those products. So I’ll leave you now to do your own research and to find products no one else is providing, all it takes is a few minutes but the rewards can last a lifetime!

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