Homemade Jewelry – How Do I Sell My Own?

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So you have been making your homemade jewelry for a while and you are beginning to wonder if there may be a money making opportunity at your doorstep. Well, there just might be. Everyday people are taking their talents and hobbies and creating their own small businesses. There is no reason why you could not become one of these people. There are just a few things you need to do and consider as you get started.

First of all you need a product. This does not mean you need to just start cranking out inventory but you need to look at the jewelry you have made and decide if it is of good enough quality to sell. If you believe it is then press on and start making more.

Next, you need a business plan. There are some templates for these online. This does not need to be complicated but you do need to do this step. You need to come up with a company name, how much you will charge, what you will sell, who will be involved, and other company rules and norms. If you are doing this on your own your plan does not need to be that detailed but the more people that are involved the more detailed your plan needs to be.

After this you need to consider registering your business at the local tax office. This can give you the benefits of getting tax deductions but also can keep you from getting in trouble with the IRS. I would hate for you to lose all the money you might make because you did not do things on the right way. I will not go over any details here but there are a lot of great resources online that can help you with this part of the process.

Finally, you need to decide through what medium you will sale your homemade jewelry. There are a lot of options out there but I prefer to do it online. There are a lot of user friendly sites that are available to help you build a website. There are also lots resources to help you with getting it to show up on search engines. This form of selling has less overhead and helps you have a much larger customer base.

These are the steps to get you started. You need to start brainstorming and coming up with a plan. Then just do what most people do not when it comes to this, get to work and put your plan into action. If you do you could be a successful seller of your homemade jewelry.

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