Home Based Network Marketing Insider’s Secret: How to Harness the Power of Tribe Marketing

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Let’s face facts. When it comes to starting a home based network marketing business on the web, your goal is straightforward: increase the amount of exposure your content receives, generate leads, and make money.

It doesn’t get much more straightforward than that.


But here’s a question: What if you could team up with dozens – or even hundreds – of like-minded home based network marketing pros to help push that kind of traffic to your respective sites, all through the power of social bookmarking?

Consider it a, You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours approach to getting back links and generating huge online exposure, only with the special benefit of automating the entire process so that all you have to do is write your content and then share and be shared.

If you’re like most home based network marketing professionals who are in the know when it comes to generating leads, you’d probably jump at the chance.

The good news is, with the help of what’s known in the industry as “tribe marketing,” you can do just that.

Online tribes are unique community hubs where you as a home based network marketing owner can gather with other MLM pros with the one purpose of auto-syndicating a tribe member’s content to your social media platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

In return for the favor, your article is then auto-syndicated by every other member of the tribe, who then broadcast it to their network of social bookmarking services. And so it goes.

The result is a ton of backlinks that will help your home based network marketing articles (and that of those in your tribe) rank high in the search engines.

Pretty nice, yes?

The fantastic thing behind the tribe marketing concept is that it’s all about group cooperation, where every tribe member is helping every other tribe member achieve a ton of backlinks which are the numero uno goal of home based network marketing.

When you use a tribe-based service, you set your account to automatically distribute the content of any member who’s syndicating yours in return and never mess with it again.

In addition, visitors who come to your site through a backlink will never know that your article has been autosyndicated. All they’ll see is that someone within their social network has given your home based network marketing site the virtual okay. That recommendation in and of itself is like getting an endorsement from the person who is referring you, which is fantastic when you’re looking to position yourself as an expert, generate leads, and make commissions.

There are a handful of tribe-based services that offer a no-cost trial account to get you up and running, but they are pretty limited at the free level. If you’re on a shoestring budget, by all means, take advantage of the freebie.

If not, might I make a recommendation?

Purchase a monthly subscription with a tribe-based service (which should cost less than $20 each month), set up your autosyndication relationships with other tribe members, and then turn the tribe loose on your article.

Then, reevaluate after eight weeks or so, and see if your site traffic (and sales) doesn’t jump into overdrive – all thanks to your fellow members in the tribe.

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