DuoSense Review – A Free iPhone AdSense App That Rocks Your Earnings

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Are you aware that your iPhone have other features that can actually allow you to monitor your AdSense earnings? If you think that is all your iPhone can do, think again. Since Apple has introduced and released better versions of this smart phone you can now enjoy various applications and even make use of applications which you make use of for income purposes.

Most of those who own websites themselves enroll in this Google program so they would be able add video, images and text advertisements to their own websites. This as serving program owned by Google is one of the most popular programs online where webmasters will be able to get a chance of gaining popularity online through the use of banners and other forms of ads online. Now, isn’t it great news that you will be able to get access to this program through your very own iPhone.

This time iPhone made it possible for online business owners like you to track and analyze your own AdSense income through the use of an advance AdSense application called DuoSense. Through this application, you will be able to get access to your regular earnings on PPC, CTR and other means of online earnings through the use of this Google program.

DuoSense can give you an excellent overview of what is currently happening to your earning even if you are not in front of your computer. The first thing that you may look into is getting daily reports on your earnings and on another tab, you will be able to get access to details regarding your earnings in a plotted form for better analysis.

Through these dual features, you will then be able to take advantage of various benefits which includes being able to identify which of your ads contributed to your top earnings on a weekly and monthly basis. From here, you will be able to track your development of your Pay Per Click activities and identify any possible problems. Another is that you will also be able to detect possible changes on your Click Through Rate easily.

Knowing that your iPhone can do this all for you, it would definitely be an advantage if you could get access to this free iPhone app and be able to monitor your AdSense activities anywhere you go. This time around, you will not have to worry about not getting any updates regarding your AdSense earnings.

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