Dubai – Full of Life, Entertainment and Lots of Opportunities for All Nationalities

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Dubai being the world renowned place for tourism, investment, job opportunities etc! There is a lot one can say about Dubai, but feeling the excitement is different and that cannot happen unless you visit Dubai once in a lifetime. There is a lot to do in Dubai if you are visiting the place just for fun. Accommodation in DXB is not a problem, there are a bazillion hotels round the corner at every street you walk down. Furnished hotel apartment’s are comparatively cheaper and a better place to live in and gives you a homely feeling as well.

My personal experience of staying at Imperial Residence Hotel apartments was just great! The environment was just great with the housekeeping staff just being overly courteous with the best of the customer services & of course the pricing was just within my budget, 270 AED per night for fully furnished one bedroom apartment! Isn’t that just too great? Living in Hotels is just not a good idea because you will have to pay extra for every single facility you use such as Laundry, tea etc, at hotel apartments you will get a furnished apartment with a installed equipments like washing machine, microwave, electric grill, etc. So it will just be your another home in DXB giving you the best of the feelings. I strongly recommend Imperial Residence hotel apartments to travelers planning a trip to Dubai. The best part about Imperial Residence is that it’s just 5 minutes walk away from the shopping area and the Metro station as well as all the clubs for party people! Giving you all the options just a walk away.

Dubai whole heartedly welcomes travelers from round the globe be it India or Uganda, Dubai is the place for you! Be it a fun trip or a business trip, Dubai welcomes you and is the best host country for any traveler. Getting a visa to Dubai is not a problem, for some countries Dubai visa is available upon arrival such as American citizens don’t need a visa prior to travelling to Dubai. There is a lot to do in Dubai such as, Desert Safari – the most renowned adventure to do offering free drinks, BBQ dinner, ride through deserts with dune bashing and the very best of the belly dance! What more would you want? There are quite a lot of malls which are definitely worth visiting such as Mall of Emirates, Dubai Mall etc. The newly built Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building is now the best attraction for tourists. The building is prominent from any corner of the city, you can view the building and the lightings and the view is just amazing. Visiting that place is not costly and the view from the top floor of the building of Dubai is just fantastic, Worth visiting! Apart from malls, movies, desert safari, city tours, Dubai’s night life is definitely the best offering a all kind of beat’s to move your step’s on with a wide variety of drinks to drive you crazy. The most happening clubs are but not limited to Keva, Elegante and many more!

Dubai welcomes all nationalities for employment opportunities, if you want to take up a job in Dubai, thoroughly go through Khaleej Times classified & appointment’s page to find yourself the best job! Visit Dubai once for a month or more and keep dropping your resume with the most recent passport size photograph and a copy of all your educational documents and certifications at different organizations, I am sure of you getting a quick response from employers soon! There is a constant need of man power in Dubai and all nationalities are more than welcome, you just need the right move and luck to be on your side to find yourself a suitable place.

There is a lot more to know about Dubai, this is just a bit of it! Visit in person and feel the excitement yourself; there is no other place like Dubai, Racism free, cheaper beyond imagination with a lot of opportunities to be explored! Enjoy.

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