CRM Apps for iPhone 4

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If you are looking for good CRM applications for your iPhone 4 check this article. Here are some of the most awarded ones.

Sales EZi CRM app – This app is considered one of the most rewarded and often mentioned apps with its features that help sales people. This application is unique because of its ability to make sales forecasts and with it, you will have the possibility to manage your sales. These are the features, which make this application one of a kind. With them, you can track your leads and see if you have to close some sales. You can also see on your pipeline what should be your next actions and see the information for all your clients. If this sounds interesting to you, you should probably try this application out and see for yourself how new technologies could make our lives a lot easier. This application is very preferred because of its ability to give you a dashboard and this way it allows you to use own status percentages and by that it will show you the most truthful forecasts for your sales. By this application, you can also calculate your sales opportunity commissions. Moreover, the good thing here is that you can do that only with your iPhone 4. The price of this app is not as big as you might think it should be – you can have it for less than 10 dollars.

Another CRM application for your fourth generation iPhone is the MyCRM application. If your organization or company does not bind you to some kind of specific CRM solution, you can count on this one. Many people, who are also professionals like bankers, brokers, sales agents and other businesspersons, trusted this application because they considered it suits best their needs. This application helps you organize your business activities while forcing your business at other hand. There is no more necessary for you to use any additional external servers for this application because all your data will be saved on your iPhone4’s memory. The good thing here is that you shouldn’t be online the whole time and you can use this application even if you are offline with letting you use Google Documents. You should connect to an internet server only when you have to restore or make backup operations. This is a very simple application and it is a real pleasure to work with it. Don’t hesitate to download it now because you can have it for free.

Sales Now CRM is an application that compliments your Sales Now web account. You can also have this application free if you are already a Sales Now customer. It can also help you manage your leads and deals. Saving your outgoing emails and following your new deals and leads would no longer be a problem for you with this app. Now you can have this application also free.

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