Creating Website Content – 5 Secrets to Create Website Content and Make Your Site Sell

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The most important key you need is…

Having an understanding to why people use the internet -is the key to success…in starting your internet business.

People search the internet for one thing… relevant information -to solve their problems.

This is why the mantra “content is king” is an axiom you cannot ignore-when it comes to building your website.

When you understand this…that information is the lifeblood of the internet…you set yourself apart from your competition. Your success online is guaranteed.

When provide value for your website visitors. Your visitors will love you and trust you because you add value to their lives. The result is you become wealthy and successful because you add value to your market.

There are insider secrets to every business and these 5 secrets are very important to creating website content that makes your site sell.

Here are the five secrets you need to know….

Secret #1 Have a clear purpose for setting up your website and focus on a niche.

When you have a clear purpose for your business, creating content for your website is easy. Identifying your purpose helps you to clarify the overall content and website type-you want to build for your business. This can also be a time for setting your objectives.

Here are some common objectives for setting up website businesses… see if you can identify your own objective

  • Reputation…you may want to establish your reputation
  • Lead generation… to build a customer base
  • Product information to bring awareness to you market of your product
  • Entertainment if your business is of the entertainment type
  • Communication if you want to have an online community or membership site
  • Distribution if your website has free downloads
  • Revenue or advertising if you plan to build a legacy site and generate revenue from cost per click advertising
  • Revenue from products if you are going to sell digital products

Whatever your objectives you are better off -clarifying your purpose- before you start creating content for your website.

I call this back-to-future planning. Stephen Covey bestselling author, “seven habits of highly effective people” calls this” beginning with the end in mind”.

Secret#2 Make Your content entertaining and interactive.

When you make your content entertaining and interactive, you make your website stick.

Stick-ability is the key to having a quality website. Studies have shown that the average website visitor spends no more than 2 minutes. And visitors “stick” or stay longer when the content of a website is compelling enough to solve their problems.

Bob Bly, bestselling author and copywriter talks about the bar stool test as a yardstick- to producing engaging content- for your website.

The bar stool test is measured by comparing your content to having a conversation with a friend in a bar.

If your written content will not engage a friend or visitor in a bar or informally, then the possibility of having an engaging content is low.

Another way to see if your content is engaging is to read your written content aloud. See if your written word sounds right in your ears or to a second person. If your content does not sound right to you then you need to revise your content.

Bottom-line you provide valuable content when the content you provide is entertaining, holds the attention of your website visitors. And they come back to read more content on your website

Secret# 3. Provide informative, current, and up-to-date content about what is happening in your niche.

There is a saying amongst stock market traders, “the trend is your friend”. Trends refer to changes in the market place. Political economic or cultural issues could change market behavior.

Your business must be aware of the trends in your target market so you can tailor your website to cater for your customers. By keeping yourself up to date on happenings in your market…you can constantly update your website content to provide solutions and adjust your product offering to your market place.

You also communicate to your customer you care about them.

Secret#4. Give free valuable information in exchange for relationship with your prospects.

The commonest mistake internet entrepreneurs and even well-established companies make is…to think of only making sales to the customer.

This is counter intuitive to how the internet works.Most contact on the internet starts with web surfers looking for information.

You build your credibility when you give visitors valuable information free. Now there should be a distinction between what is free and what you want them to pay for.

Nevertheless, you are going to rate better as being helpful because you gave your customers free valuable information… and they will come back to you again. When you create an opportunity for ongoing contact with your prospect, you increase your chances of selling to the customer

Secret# 5. Seek to build relationship with your content

When your website provides-valuable content. You create opportunity to build relationship with your prospects. You can convert prospects to paying customers.

The key to building relationship with your market is to get them interacting with your content.

The best way to do this is to create a space on your website for comments, feedback. You could set up a forum or online community. One of the best ways to grow your business online is to use the apple model-get your customer to become advocates for your business.

You can only achieve this status when you become the go-to-business to solve the problems in your niche.

The bottom line……

The internet is going to keep on growing and the competition is going to be fierce, customers are going to get more sophisticated.

The good news is you can still tap into the rich opportunities in the coming years.

You can achieve this by providing valuable content that is entertaining, interactive and uplifts your customers. And this still bores down to the axiom-content is king!

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