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The first thing you need to consider is the subject matter, for example will your page be used for your family & friends, a hobby, or to earn money online? Before I create my own web page I always create a clear picture of where I want to be going and more importantly, I always make sure that my page will fulfill my needs and meet my requirements.

Every time I create my own web page I do the following. I start by brainstorming ideas, I write down a list of the things in a sketchpad that I will want to have included in my page. For example, what images would I like to use, and what kind of layout would I like. Design your page in your sketchpad along with your notes and some layout ideas, take a look at other peoples web sites to get a feel for what appeals to you.

Okay now you will need some free tools to create your own web page. If you do a Google search you will find almost everything you will need for free. To create my own web page I use a piece of software that you can download completely free and it is called kompozer, it is really simple to use and creates really great pages. Most of these applications come with good online tutorials, should you get stuck just do a YouTube or Google search to help you with any problems.

Whenever I create my own web page and I am short of time, I often do another Google search for free web templates and would recommend you also do the same. This could save you a lot of time and trouble, also do not rule out buying your own templates as the free ones sometimes come with user clauses. You can also get free or really cheap photographs and images online, again just do a Google search.

Your Main expenses will probably be your domain name which will cost you about $10 per year and your hosting account for about $10 per month. Again just do a Google search for online hosting and another one for domain names. I get enormous pleasure every time I create my own web page and then see it live online, and I am sure that if you go on to create your own web page you will also be proud and amazed when you see yours live online.

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