Clever Marketer Twitter Tip – How to Effectively Use Other Peoples’ Content on Twitter

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The secret to using twitter effectively and looking like the super-star network marketer that you are, is to follow the 80/20 rule when you are tweeting! Your tweets should be content rich and relevant to your niche 80% of the time and you should only be promoting yourself, your products, or your opportunity 20% of the time.

Unfortunately, a lot of network marketers on twitter make a fool of themselves and our industry. Many network marketers end up spamming links about their company or products to their followers. Yes, we are here to market ourselves and our businesses, but in order to make our marketing efforts effective it is important to give great value before we invite someone to our squeeze page or offer!

Think of yourself as a guest in the home of each of your twitter followers. You do not want them closing the shades and turning off the lights when they see you coming! You want to be welcome there and be invited over frequently. You do that by becoming known for providing awesome content that they look forward to reading!

But creating all that content can be overwhelming and time consuming! You are a busy network marketer with a team to support, clients/customers to take care of, and a business to run…and who has time to be writing articles, blog posts or recording videos or pod-casts all day? The secret to using Twitter effectively is to leverage the content that other people have created! Think about it like this…when you get invited to a dinner party and you bring a bottle of exceptional wine to the host, you are sharing something that someone else has created.

Who looks like the hero? The wine maker? No! You do!

Who does the host send a thank-you note to? The wine maker? No…he or she thanks YOU!

Sharing great content is the same thing…only you are going to look like a hero to both your followers and to the people who created the content you are sharing.

Here are 3 steps to effectively use other peoples’ content on Twitter to build your list of raving fans!

1. Search sites relevant to your market for great content. Spend a few minutes a day and select a few articles, blog posts, videos, etc. that you would like to share. Remember…the number one rule to twitter (or social media of any kind) is to offer valuable information that your followers want to learn or know about. Think T.I.N.Y. (Their Interests Not Yours) when you are looking for content to share!

2. Write about this great content in a short blog post and link to the website where you found it. Write a few sentences about the content you are sharing, what you loved about it, why you are sharing it, how it can help your readers, and make sure you give credit to the person who created the content!

3. Then tweet a link to your blog post to your followers! This is powerful because it will send them to your blog to get the information. If they like what they see on your blog the will opt in to your list! You are also helping the person who wrote the content you are sharing, which may lead to reciprocity. This is where they reciprocate and feature some of your content on their blog, which will help expose you to their audience.

Twitter is a very powerful tool for building your network marketing business on the internet. It can help you drive traffic to your marketing hub, twitter can help you meet prospective business builders and targeted product users, and twitter can help you brand yourself as a leader in your niche market.

Be a clever marketer on twitter and you will have followers who can not wait to read your next tweet and visit your blog for more great information!

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