Choosing the Right Name for Your Small Business

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Choosing a Business name is as important as making a business plan for your company. In choosing the right one, you must know that there are a lot of factors that you need to consider before deciding to launch it to the public. First, it is very important that the name you will choose must be legally obtainable meaning that there are no other businesses using your name. Your Business name should symbolize the product or services that do you and you will do for the years to come. You must consider business entities as trademarks, registration and effect of name branding. We have gathered some few tips to help you get started.

It is very important that your Business name should have your products and service. It also needs to convey something meaningful and positive about your business to your target customers. It could tell the key product feature, something that your customer can benefit from it. If you’re unsure of your business try to make a couple of name and rum them by your potential customer or can be your family member, and ask them what they think of your Business name. you may also want to consider the pronunciation of you Business name, make sure that people can easily say and read it because eventually people will start to talk about your business. Next is you have to make it a point that your customer can remember your Business name, when choosing a Business name think of something that is going to be memorable, a name that your costumer can easily think of and connect to your business. It can also help if your business name in not too long or it can even rhyme. Flexibility is another thing that you want to consider. The best example for this is Amazon doesn’t have any direct connection with books and so it was able to expand into music, gadgets and many other kinds of products, under on one name. Lastly, your business name should standout from the rest, your name should get people’s attention or interest so much so that they want to pull out their smart phone and Google your business just to see what it is all about. Also, pick something that will look good aesthetically on business card, in print, signage’s or even on T-shirts.

Now that you have a few suggestions for creating your business name you can institute your brainstorming session. Play around with various words and create a list of suitable candidates which you may come across. Repeat the words to yourself to hear how they sound aloud. Watch your friends’ and family to see how they respond to the name.

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