Business of Making Money Online in Nine Easy Steps

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The business of making money online can be so easy that the very attempt of reading lots of information about it can even lead to much confusion and delay. This is because many people will give you different kinds of business ideas of making money online. I will briefly list nine easy steps you can follow in order to actually start making money online. At the end, you will have a focus and know that you can actually create wealth like thousands of others on the Internet by looking within, not without.

Step One: Motivation

You need to be motivated. By motivation, I mean that strong desire inside you to make money online. The easiest way to get yourself motivated is to read books on motivation. It is better to read books on motivation than on how to make money, if you are just starting out. With this, you are setting yourself on the right path to a resounding success. A book like Think and Grow Rich was the starting point of many millionaires. So, your first assignment is to read a good motivational book.

Step Two: Goals

Once you are motivated and got your mind set, the next single most important step is to set clear goals. People spend lots of money to learn how to set goals. Your country’s budget is goal setting. Your family’s financial budgetary plans are all examples of goal setting. I want to make $50,000 by the end of 2008 is a goal, but it is not clearly stated. Clearly stated goals are easily achievable. Your second important task is to get a good book on goal setting. Steps one and two will take you less than a day to get for free on the internet and read. This will sum up to give you a solid take off. With this, you will be strongly prepared for step three.


Step Three: Accessing Your skills


It is far easier to start making money from what you know than from what you don’t know. Thousands of people are already making a killing on the net from things you know. Why not look within yourself and jot down all what you know and are interested in. What did you read in school? What things are you interested in?

For example, I read Operations Research, through it, I know a lot about how to research things. Also, I am interested in reading story books, browsing, socializing, eating and preparing delicacies, visiting around the world and many more. With this listing done, you are now ready for the fun part.


Step Four: Getting a Focus

Each of the things listed above is a potential money making business on the internet. This means that you have already been where others have not, and you already know what others don’t know. You only need to do three things to turn any of those things above to money. The first is to take a single point above to start with. The second is to package it professionally. You can do this if you can read and write well. The third is to get it down to those who are highly interested in what you know. Now, let’s say I decided to focus on eating. Everybody eats right? This alone is big money. Now that you have a focus, on to step five.


Step Five: Getting a Plan

This step is very important. You cannot adequately go into the business of making money online if you do not have a plan. You must draw up a plan of how to make money with your area of focus. In my case eating. The plan should include researching into all the areas people have problems with your (focus) .In my case, eating and how other people have solved the problems others have. You will agree with me that there are thousands of eating problems as well as solutions. You should get down a solid plan of how to go about researching and documenting your findings. A quick search on free business plan templates on the net will give you a professional take off.


Step Six: Documenting Your Findings

 When it comes to the business of making money online, you don’t just take everything you see and document it. Secondly, you don’t just document them any how you like. You need certain things to assist you. It is at this stage that you will join other businesses that are related to what your report is all about and join the programs as affiliates, then put the links they give you inside your report. This crucial step can mean four to 10 extra sources of income for you.

 You also need the skill of laying out your book in a logical manner that makes it a joy to read, consistent design that pleases your customers and brings you more business, how to protect your intellectual property — no matter what you write and many more. There are professionally documented facts on these too.


Step Seven: Packaging Your Report

You will need to package your report in a way that makes it easy to distribute. To do this, you will need to know how to put your report in pdf formats, CD/DVD, videos and other forms. There are over thirty ways of repackaging your product.


Step Eight: Setting up Shop

Making money online requires a website, domain name ecommerce and auto responder services. You need to get them in place before you can start selling. They are very easy to learn and implement. Learn them well.


Step Nine: Advertising Your Business

This is the easiest part. There are 247 ways to advertise your website. You can work 1-3 hours everyday to advertise your website. You will definitely get fearful results. By fearful, I mean that you will see days when you will make money in thousands. Your only job per day is to be advertising your money making online business.

Let me conclude by saying that you should not take this as another write up. Get motivated, set clear goals, get a focus and stay focused, research, document, repackage, set up shop and advertise. These elements must certainly make you money on the internet.

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