An Insider Review Of The Market America Business And The Market America Business Plan (Part 2 of 2)

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In the first section of this 2 part series, we explored the nature of why many network marketing and MLM companies are setting you up for massive failure from the get-go. I’m not reviewing this statistic or trying to say this company and or that company is better for you, rather, I’m implying that if The Direct Selling Association is saying that a company representative can effectively work with 2.8 distribution channels over a lifetime, then why would you partner yourself with a company that goes against what the “average person” has been proven to profit from?

We also spoke about the horrific attributes of horizontal marketing. Once you understand the “woes” of the ways of conventional thinking, you’ll never view business the same again. I don’t claim to be the end-all-be-all or know-it-all, I simply enjoy being an informational vessel that has worked long and hard to acquire the necessary knowledge to lead prominent leaders.

The last point from part #1 of this 2 part series was that multi-level marketing (MLM) compounds the negative and ill-effects of horizontal marketing. The reason I said that you’ve bought into a roller-coaster ride is directly aimed at how the rigorous recruiting is never-ending for network marketing and MLM professionals.

It’s PROVEN that 97% of network marketers and MLM business builders spend more money than they make in their careers. Although I’m an advocate for the direct marketing industry, I want to share JR’s vision about why the Market America (MA) business plan is radically different from ANYTHING ELSE on the open market.

In building an UnFranchise┬« there are 4 logistical factors that must be considered when partaking in the process of doing your due diligence? You should know these differentiators if you aspire to learn more about being on the edge of ‘cutting edge’ in today’s economy.

  1. When you personally sell a product in MA, everyone on the team can also get paid.
  2. If a person sells a product, they can share 100% of the sale with their team.
  3. UnFranchise┬« owners can open multiple locations. Some say, the MA business and the Market America business plan it capped – it’s not, and actually, you can pay your partners again for the same volume. This one strategy is completely earth-shattering and doesn’t exist anywhere!
  4. When a product is sold, there is a 2x paying of self, plus everyone else benefits.

These 4 Market America business plan principles are the “game changers” for anybody that evaluates the Market America UnFranchise┬« business opportunity. The technology, people power and vast vision to surpass in the next 3 years are present – so watch out world, there’s a new “big fish” online!

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