Agra an Emerging Business Hub in Utter Pradesh India

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Agra is the third largest city in the state of Utter Pradesh and a well known tourist spot in the world because of its symbol of love The Taj Mahal Agra. Agra receives millions of tourists every year making it the best suited place for travel and tourism industry. Most of the businesses in Agra are some how related to travel and tourism. Agra has some of the finest hotel chains of the world that includes Taj Group of Hotels and Oberoi Group of Hotels. Apart from tourism Agra is also well known for leather goods and automobile parts manufacturing industries. What are the factors that make Agra an emerging business hub in India, let’s see one by one.

Agra has all the infrastructure facilities that are required to start and run any kind of business successfully. Whether it is office space, office equipments, production equipments and suppliers, Agra has every thing that a business need. Agra does have very good facilities to set up all required IT infrastructure. Water and electricity supply is also excellent in Agra as it is located on the banks of river Yamuna. The Government of Utter Pradesh is also very supporting and running several schemes to promote Agra as a business center.

Agra has always been a center of education in northern India as it has few world class universities, top notch collages and professional education institutes. So there is no shortage of educated and trained manpower in Agra. DayalBagh Educational Institute, Hindustan Collage of Engineering and Central Footwear Training Institute are some of finest professional institutions in Agra being known for their excellence in education.

Agra also tops in terms of transportation facilities as it is situated on National Highway No. 2 that connects New Delhi and Kolkata both are metro cities. Agra is also situated on New Delhi Chennai main railway line so there is no problem in goods transportation. Agra also takes advantages of Indira Gandhi International Airport as the distance between New Delhi and Agra is only of 4 hours.

Best Suited Business:
Because of very high volume of tourists in the city, it is best suited for travel related business. Hotels, Resorts and Travel Agencies are the prime business in Agra. Agra has been a major supplier of leather goods to the world and leather goods manufacturing unites are also prime businesses in Agra. The city also invites automobile parts manufacturing and trading companies.

Agra also has very good advertising and marketing services to market your business and relatively increase your sales. Agra Business Directory is one of such source and there are many online business directories where your can get your business listed and attract buyer from all across the globe.

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